Omnisphere 2 Patch Browser for Komplete Kontrol

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The Omnisphere 2 Patch Browser is a preset pack for browsing Omnisphere 2 presets from the Komplete Kontrol software and keyboard. This package contains over 7000 factory presets that will add full preset browing for Omnisphere 2 from the keyboard!

All presets have been "wrapped" into NKS files which contains the Omnisphere preset information, tagging information and mapped controls. Additionally, a Komplete Kontrol database file and plugin artwork is also included to create entries in your User Library. Preset files can be browsed by sound type and donors can additionally browse files using sub-category, mood, genre, osc type and Omnisphere library.


  • Komplete Kontrol Software v1.5+
  • Maschine Software v2.4+ (works but not supported) 
  • Supports VST Only (no AU Support)
  • PC/MAC Compatible
  • S Series MK1/MK2 Compatible
  • Supports 32/64 Bit

NOTE: You must own Omnisphere 2 for this preset pack to work. These are only the factory presets found in Omnisphere. These presets were created using Komplete Kontrol software 1.5 but should work fine with the Maschine Software as reported by users. I cannot offer support on Maschine as I do not own it. 


There are 2 versions of the preset packs available. The Free version has only the main preset sound type categories while the donor version has all the additional tagging information available:




To Get The Donor Version

You can download the Free version right now without payment or login but will be limited to only the top catogory tagging. If you would like to upgrade your presets to offer complete tagged filtering just like in the Omnisphere browser:

  • Register an account 
  • Send a Paypal donation of $10 (or more if you are generous :) ) using the below buttons
  • Wait for a confirmation email stating your download is ready. You can find it in Downloads under My Downloads.

NOTE: The donation process is manual and I do sleep sometimes so please allow 24/48 hours before asking about your download. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours please Contact Me with your paypal email address and User name 


Send a $10 donation                                Send any donation amount


Browser & Controls

komplete browser


Presets are tagged and sorted as logically as possible but can be retagged easily enough if desired.
Filtering by type and sub-type is possible with the donor version otherwise only filtering by Type is possible with the free version. 

All presets are mapped with the following controller assignments:

omni kk controls2



Download FREE Preset Pack

Download PDF Instructions


Read installation instructions and if you like the presets, donate to get the fully tagged versions to make browsing much easier.

Information on how the presets were created Here


3rd Party Librarys

We now have a large number of 3rd party NKS librarys available from Audiority, PluginGuru, PlugHugger, The Unfinished, Sound Dust etc. that can be added to your NKS browser. If you own any 3rd party librarys for Omnisphere and would like to browse these from the Komplete browser then head over Here for more info.



Missing Presets \ Tags: Though the scripting process works well, nothing is ever perfect. You may notice the occasional preset missing or some tags that are not set or possibly some issues around some of the tag categories. If you happen to notice anything that needs fixing just let me know and I will get it fixed up. Donors will receive free updates to the preset packs when these are pushed to the site so worth the time to report if it's something major (updates are not made to the Free version)

Installation Issues: If you are having issues with installing and using the presets, check out the Forum Thread to ask other users who may have some solutions. It should be pretty straight forward following the instructions provided but if all else fails you can contact me via my website. Please note that the presets should work for Maschine users as well but I do not own Maschine so cannot assist in supporting.

Donation Sent But Haven't Received Download: I don't have an automated cart system in place to handle "purchases" so have to manually activate downloads. While I try and do this same day there may be the odd delays with Life getting in the way but rest assured I will certainly get it done. You must make sure you Register on my site to allow you access to the downloads. This will ensure you are able to download these again in the future (along with any other donor downloads) and also access updates should they be released. If you have not received contact from me in 24/48 hours after donation or do not see a "Donor Download" area in the downloads section when you are logged in just contact me

I Am Interested In Other VST Presets, Can You Help?: I operate strictly legit so all the plugins I release preset packs for I own and use daily. I create the presets for myself and will be releasing additional preset packs for other VSTs I own but cannot based on request unless you have a spare copy of a VST then I will do it for you for no charge (in exchange for the VST). 

I Would Like to Use Your Scripts: This may be possible for a donation of some kind. The actual hard work of creating the presets is designing and programming a reliable script which often takes many hours/days/weeks to get working reliably. The scripts are not "plug-&-play" and require some level of experience in scripts and programming. I simply don't have the time to support their use which I would feel obligated to if I was to charge for them, and i'm not about to hand out many hours of programming work for nothing. 



v1.0 - Initial Version (25 November 2015)

v1.1 - Release version (1 December 2015)
- Fixed tagging of come mapped controls
- Fixed some spelling mistakes in some of the tags

v1.2 (3 December 2015)
- Fixed issue with Omnisphere main volume set to +2db causing clipping. Reset all presets to 0db (default)
- Fixed issue in database files that caused issues with creating the categories on some users systems
- Fixed mistake in instructions for the installation path of the database files

v1.3 (10 December 2015)
- Updated PDF manual to add some additional information and fix some busted links.
Changes For Donor Version Only
- Updated tag for Omnisphere library to [Library] to offer central sub library management for additional VSTs
- Updated tag "Synth Arp" to "Arp/Sequence" for better integration with future preset packs such as Sylenth and other VSTs
- Fixed a few mislabelled tags and some redundant tagging
- Fixed some files tagged as "Bowed Strings" that were only Synth strings. Manually picked through files to tag actual Bowed instruments.
- Added some Mode tags with more to be done as I dive more into using it all. 


Last modified on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 10:32

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