Omnisphere 2 NKS Browser for Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine

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The Omnisphere 2 NKS Browser is a preset pack for browsing Omnisphere 2 presets from the Komplete Kontrol / Maschine software and hardware. 

This browser pack contains 7539 factory presets for Omnisphere 2 that can be loaded and browsed directly using the Komplete Kontrol / Maschine software and hardware. All presets have been saved as NKS files which contains the Omnisphere preset information, tagging information and mapped controls. Additionally, a Komplete Kontrol database file and plug-in artwork is also included to create entries in your User Library.


  • Komplete Kontrol Software v1.5+
  • Maschine Software v2.4+
  • Supports Omnisphere 2 VST only (AU not supported)
  • PC / MAC Compatible
  • S Series MK1/MK2 Compatible
  • Maschine Studio / MK3 Compatible
  • Supports 32 / 64 Bit Installations

NOTE: You must own Omnisphere 2 for this preset pack to work. These are only the factory presets found in Omnisphere. These presets were created using Komplete Kontrol software 1.5 but should work fine with the Maschine Software as reported by users. I cannot offer support on Maschine as I do not own it. 


New in v2.0

omnisphere banks


Filter by Instrument Bank

Now Available is a much needed feature that is available in the Factory library... The ability to filter an instrument by preset BANKS using a second and third filter below the plugin header.

This now replaces the [Library] tag place holder that was in previous library’s and offers the ability to finally restrict a search to a single library or sub library.




Cleaner Tagging
Tags have been better condensed across multiple instruments and library’s. There were many duplicate tag locations in different areas and this has been heavily reduced which will be most noticeable in 3rd party library’s for Omnisphere. Where possible some extra time has been spent tagging additional information into the browser. This will be an ongoing process


Free Version

The Free Download Version contains just a handful of presets to test how the NKS compatibility will work. You can download and install this without registration to make sure it will work as you expect.


Full Version (Donation)

The full version requires a donation payment and an account to access the download. Donations are just $11 au ($8.60 usd). Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: 

PayPal Donate Button Transparent

Donate for the NKS using the PayPal button. Only PayPal is accepted but you can use a Credit Card using PayPals secure payment services




Step 2:

register button

Register an account on our website which you will use to access the download.
If possible use your PayPal email or Paypal user name to help match the payment to your account


You should receive a confirmation email stating your download is ready within 24 hours. You can find your downloads on the website under My Downloads.

NOTE: The donation process is manual and I do sleep sometimes so please allow 24 hours before asking about your download. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours please Contact Me with your paypal email address and registered User Name 



Browser & Controls

omnisphere nks browser

Presets are tagged and sorted as logically as possible with most of the useful tags from Omnisphere copied over to the NKS preset. Some tags have been formatted to conform to NKS tagging schemes and some tags have been consolidated or removed to make the browser as easy to navigate as possible. 

All presets are mapped with the following controller assignments:


omni kk controls2


Custom Control Layouts

If you have a preffered controller assignment it is possible to apply this to all presets. You will be required to create your template file (single preset) in Komplete/Maschine and email this to me. Please Contact Me for costs and instructions. 




Download FREE Preset Pack

Download PDF Instructions


Read installation instructions and if you like the presets, donate to get the fully tagged versions to make browsing much easier.

Information on how the presets were created Here


3rd Party Librarys

nks splash omnisphere3rdparty800

We now have a large number of 3rd party NKS librarys available from Audiority, PluginGuru, PlugHugger, The Unfinished, Sound Dust etc. that can be added to your NKS browser. If you own any 3rd party librarys for Omnisphere and would like to browse these from the Komplete browser then head over Here for more info and ordering.



Can these presets be added to the Factory Library?
It may be possible in the future but right now they are accessible only via the User library.

Does this work with S Series MK1/MK2 Keyboards and MK2/3 Maschine?
Yes these NKS presets will work with the latest Maschine/Komplete Kontrol software and hardware  

I’m not hearing any sound previews?
The sound preview feature at this stage is not available to the user library. If the feature is added it may be considered.

Some tags or presets are missing?
Tags have been formatted to fit with the NKS standard as much as possible. This requires renaming some tags or consolidating similar tags to improve browsing as much as possible. If you happen to notice anything that needs fixing just let me know and I will get it fixed up. Donors will receive free updates to the preset packs when these are pushed to the site so worth the time to report if it's something major.

I’m having some Installation Issues.
If you are having issues with installing and using the presets, check out the Forum Thread to ask other users who may have some solutions.

I have sent a donation but haven't received the download?
Downloads are activated manually once your donation is received so there may be times where the download is delayed.

You must make sure you Register on my site to allow you access to the downloads. This will ensure you are able to download these again in the future and also access updates should they be released. If You should receive a confirmation email with a download link within 48 hours but if you do not feel free to contact me

Can I get other VSTs or preset library’s created as NKS?
I can only create presets for instruments I own or have a copy of and the list I am working on. I am always on the lookout for new VST instruments at good prices so may do more down the track. If you are able to offer me a legal copy of a VST or can transfer me the library I can have a look if it is possible to make NKS compatible. If you are a plugin vendor it may also be possible to add NKS compatibility for official factory inclusion. Feel free to contact me.

Can I please have the script you use so I can make my own?
Sorry it’s just not possible. I use a few different technologies some of which cannot be re-distributed and some of which has been very hard to program or obtain. I encourage all users to voice their opinions on the official forums to make NKS tools more easily available to users. 




This NKS preset pack is created with no affiliation to Native Instruments. I am not paid, or even supported by Native Instruments. Downloading and usage of this preset pack is at the users own risk. Donations are non refundable. There is no support or guarantee offered that these will suit your own application which is why a free version is offered to test

and assess. If you are satisfied with the free version then the donor version offers the same features and includes all factory presets. There is no guarantee that future versions of the Komplete/Maschine software will support these preset files.

Users are not authorised to share or distribute the files with anyone else without the consent of Freelance SoundLabs. A lot of work goes into managing this project, hosting the files and writing documentation and I am also an active forum member helping out users. Please do the right thing; the cost is only a few beers to help me out.





V2.0 (10 October 2017)
- Consolidated tagging across all library’s
- Removed many junk tags especially with 3rd party library’s
- Consolidated or removed many sub tags with less than 3 presets
- Created new Banks for all library’s
- Removed [library] tags
- Fixed incorrect library/bank tags

v1.3 (10 December 2015)
- Updated PDF manual to add some additional information and fix some busted links.
Changes For Donor Version Only
- Updated tag for Omnisphere library to [Library] to offer central sub library management for additional VSTs
- Updated tag "Synth Arp" to "Arp/Sequence" for better integration with future preset packs such as Sylenth and other VSTs
- Fixed a few mislabelled tags and some redundant tagging
- Fixed some files tagged as "Bowed Strings" that were only Synth strings. Manually picked through files to tag actual VBowed instruments.
- Added some Mode tags with more to be done as I dive more into using it all.

v1.2 (3 December 2015)
- Fixed issue with Omnisphere main volume set to +2db causing clipping. Reset all presets to 0db (default)
- Fixed issue in database files that caused issues with creating the categories on some users systems
- Fixed mistake in instructions for the installation path of the database files

v1.1 - Release version (1 December 2015)
- Fixed tagging of come mapped controls
- Fixed some spelling mistakes in some of the tags

v1.0 - Initial Version (25 November 2015)


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