Check out more about the different services we offer and view our facilities and equipment. Feel confident in the fact we promote what we use so you know exactly what you are getting! 

While we offer a good range of services directly we also have partners we work with and promote to get you the results you need. These will also be listed here for your convenience.

Freelance Soundlabs is excited to offer you a professional DJ & Entertainment service for your next event. Our main aim is to provide one of the best services in South Australia for the best price and we don't just play music, we help you design the entertainment aspect for your event. Make it a night to remember!

The Freelance Soundlabs studio is a modest but high-tech space where we can work on creative projects. Additional studios are run by our partners that cater for digital art design, commission sketch work, video production etc.

So you can feel confident in our abilities please take the tour to see how we operate.

Are you a game designer, film student, video maker or just in need of capturing sounds "on location"? We can offer on-location sound recording to capture voice, sound effects and ambience for any requirement. 

Coming Soon...

Having a house party and want a DJ but can't afford the cost? Happy to use your own stereo gear but need someone to run the music? Our online DJ service may be what you are after...

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