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PPCA: 1023800

Freelancesoundlabs is owned and operated by Jason Absolom who resides in Adelaide, South Australia. The company was officially started under the name "JesterMgee Productions" in 2010 but was changed shortly after to Freelance Soundlabs. 

Freelance Soundlabs has grown from a life long passion for sound and music and now offers any creative individual our services ranging from audio recording, to musical compositions and ideas, sound design, mixing, mastering and DJing.

The First Beginnings

Since I was able to crawl I have always had a strong interest in music. From age 5 I started playing my parents old casettes and records and by the age of 7 I had my own record player and a stack of records from my grandparents. Having a keen interest in anything technical I started to pull apart old stereo systems and VCRs and ended up figuring out how to make a simple audio mixer from the pong paddles from an atari system by the age of 15. From there I started my path down DJing and have been actively doing this for the last 20 years.

Back in 1996 I started to produce my own original music using some basic PC tracking software called Fasttracker. I have been heavily into computer based production but started in the field of SFX gathering and location recording in 2010 when I saw a need for beginner film students to access copyright free samples and music on limited budgets. 

After I was asked to assist with some music pieces and sound effects on some films I decided to try and offer assistance via an online site where people could access this content and ask for my services. The first Freelance website was started in 2010 but I had to close it down because the server was hosted by a family friend and they needed to shut it down. I also had a new family with 2 kids needing my attention and I also work a full time job so it would be almost 3 years later before I could launch this current site.

The Team

The music, SFX recording, editing, DJ services, website management, programming, artwork and location stuff is all done by me, Jason, but I do get help from many sources where possible. I finance much of the gear and website from my own pocket and receive contracts, donations and content purchases from customers for use in film, radio, video, online etc. I also offer a lot of assistance to students of film and audio schools to help progress their careers.

The term "We" when I talk in terms of the site and Freelance Soundlabs is for all those that do help me. I consider many of the people I work with, family and friends to be part of the team and all are willing to help where they can. Freelance Soundlabs tries to do this as much as possible in return by allowing users to download content without any payment requirements and asks for donations. Even our products are very cost effective and the set work we do and location recordings are part of what we enjoy.

The Site

This website is hosted by Host Gator and runs a Joomla CMS system. I have personally designed the layout and modified the template files, music players and artwork for the site. A lot of effort has gone into the testing of the site and I can say that it should work just fine on:

- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari
- IE 8-9-10
- Android Tablets / Phones
- Apple iOS Tablets / Phones

I use some free images from Icon Archive but do much of the banner and artwork design myself using Photoshop. I have basic skills in CSS, PHP, HTML but have extensive troubleshooting and problem solving skills which allow me to think through issues and find answers easily than most people which is why I can take on so many different projects.

The site has costs which I try and manage from my own pocket. Donations and product payments help with the costs and I am hoping to keep the site free from advertising as I HATE adverts so please support me to keep the net ad free.

Final Words

Please read through the site. Learn about me and my team of helpers and always feel free to contact me should you have any requirements or questions. Leave your comments over any articles on the site and have fun.





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