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The studio has been designed and developed over 15 years and now caters for small/medium sized projects. We can record most instruments both in-studio and on location but can also offer advice if your needs are outside what we can handle. We are a small self run operation built on a lifetime passion for working with sound.

PC 1 Specs

  • i7 4770K Running 3.8Ghz (watercooled)
  • Windows 10 Professional 64bit
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Plextor 512GB SSD (OS)
  • Samsung EVO 500GB SSD (VST Library)
  • WD 3TB HDD (VST Library, Samples, Projects)

All our systems are backed up in triplicate and clients projects are backed up additionally to DVD/BR disc with a copy given to the client and kept for local backup. 

Software (64bit)

  • Ableton Live Suit 9+
  • Wavelab 6
  • Sony Vegas 12
  • Omnisphere 2
  • Trilian
  • UVI Sounds
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10
  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol
  • ToonTracks EZDrummer 2 (10 kits)
  • Sylenth1
  • Cakewalk Z3ta +2
  • Korg Legacy Collection
  • Arturia V Collection
  • Akai VIP Software

All software is fully licensed and kept up to date to ensure project compatibility with any other system.


Studio Headphones

Keyboards & Controllers

Microphones & Recorders

Instruments & Other


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