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Read up on the latest additions to the site, changes to products and other announcements. Any new and important news will be listed and archived here.

NKS packages are now running at v2.1.1 as of December 11 2017. If you want to know the versions you are running, check the downloaded ZIP file for the readme which shows the version. This is an incremental update from the big 2.1 update.

ALL NKS libraries have been updated with new tagging, some new artwork and database files and new sound preview files. It is RECOMMENDED to download and replace your existing libraries but it's up to you

All existing 2.1 users can access the latest updates for free. Just Login and go to My Downloads and you should see your previous downloads listed there. If something is not available, please let me know and I will look into it

Ableton Live 10 New Features

So it's now well known that Live 10 will be released next year and I for one am excited. I already have a copy of the Beta and there are some great new features and improvements that add up to an overall better experience. There are still some things I would love to see but this is a great start to the new version and seems to be setting things up for some much better developments. 

Cart System & Download Updates

I have made some updated changes to the cart system when purchasing NKS libraries based on feedback and testing as well as updated the downloads section of the website for your purchased downloads.

We now have an exciting update to ALL NKS Preset Packs available from Freelance Soundlabs for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol/Maschine. All NKS packs have been overhauled and are now v2.1 and there are a lot of new features...

Continuing work on the Komplete Kontrol hardware platform there are now a number of NKS Instrument Preset Packs available with more to come... 

For users of the Komplete Kontrol keyboard and software it is now possible to browse all the Omnisphere presets within Komplete Kontrol. This is very exciting because it now integrates Omnisphere with Komplete Kontrol offering complete preset loading, tweaking and flipping directly from the keyboard. 


After testing the Akai Advance and having a miserable time with bugs and issues with the software and keyboard I fell in love with the Komplete software and hardware as my main keyboard but since I also own a number of other VST instruments I was rather disappointed to learn that I could not browse VST presets, only load the instrument.... That was until now!

Ableton Push 2 Released

For 2 weeks there have been rumours about a new version of the Ableton Push controller and on Tuesday morning I awoke to news that a new version of Push (conveniently called Push 2) was now available. 

Its been a while but finally it's here. The Trilian Preset Pack for Ableton Push. For users that have already downloaded and used the Omnisphere Preset Pack for Push then this is pretty much the same thing for Trilian. 

Product Review Articles

Currently I am in the process of uploading all my old product reviews. I am updating some of the reviews to reflect my opinions after using some of the products for some time and will also be writing some new reviews on products I have aquired in the last few years. 

These product reviews may be of interest if you want to know what we use at Freelance Soundlabs or if you are interested in tsome of the products yourself. 
Just because we use certain products doesn't mean we love them inside out. While many have been hand picked to fit certain requirements sometimes products just don't work as you had hoped. 
I personally try and seek out "real" reviews on products from users that have actually spent time using them and actually have genuine needs for them. Reviews from online stores or audio/sound blogging sites can sometimes be biased depending on the kickbacks or relationships with a vendor. Here at FSL we have no ties to vendors and get no kickbacks or free gear though if you are a company who would like to offer us something for free for a review then contact us!!!!!!
Feel free to leave your comments on any review pages and hopefully you gain some insight into what we do and use. Keep an eye out for new reviews on Ableton and the Push Controller, Mackie MCU, Rode NT3 Mic, Native Instruments Komplete 8/9, Omnisphere, Trilian and many more....


So here is our first news announcement article. Today we have completed a lot of the initial design checks and component tests on the site and are now ready to start progressing with the website. 

There is a LOT to do but much of the underlying framework has been completed (with the exception of the shopping component whcih we will start on next year). You will notice that as you visit from day to day new things will start to appear and change as we add and format things to fit. The site is online while we work so that it can be edited from the various locations that I am in and so it can start to be indexed by search engines. 

The site now has music players that will work on all devices and content will be added and updated as the months roll by. Once the main site is completed I will begin work on a number of new projects from SFX packs to music productions. I am also working on making everything nice and stremlined so it is simple to find the information you are after. Artwork is a slower process because I am not a graphics designer so it takes me a little longer to generate artwork but it is moving along. 

More news when I have some!

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