Omnisphere 3rd Party NKS Library's for Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine

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These libraries have been updated to v2.1.1 (11 December 2017) and include some additional tag cleaning and new sound previews for some presets.
Freelance Soundlabs has been working with some users to convert a number of 3rd party librarys for Omnisphere to NKS for browsing via the Komplete Kontrol and Maschine software/hardware.


  • Komplete Kontrol Software v1.6+
  • Maschine Software v2.6+
  • Omnisphere 2 VST Required
  • Requires 3rd Party Library be installed in Omnisphere
  • Requires Omnisphere 2 Patch Browser for Komplete Kontrol
  • PC / MAC Compatible
  • S-Series MK1/MK2 Compatible
  • Maschine MK2/MK3/Studio Compatible
  • Supports 32 / 64 Bit Omnisphere 

New in v2.1.1

Improved Tagging
Additional tagging has been done to many presets across all libraries as well as a more cleaning up of tags. To make best use of
this be sure to update all your libraries to the latest. Just download and copy over the existing files.

New Sound Previews
New preview files have been generated for all instruments. Bass notes for synth/acoustic bass are now an E1 note which sounds
more natural. Drum kit presets now play 4 different hits to showcase a few kit sounds. Acoustic guitars now produce a “strum”
chord instead of a single C note. Some sounds were fixed but others (especially small drum kits) may not play a sound.

Features Added in v2.1

omnisphere banks

Filter by Instrument Bank

Now Available is a much needed feature that is available in the Factory library... The ability to filter an instrument by preset BANKS using a second and third filter below the plugin header.

This now replaces the [Library] tag place holder that was in previous library’s and offers the ability to finally restrict a search to a single library or sub library.

Cleaner Tagging

Tags have been better condensed across multiple instruments and library’s. There were many duplicate tag locations in different areas and this has been heavily reduced which will be most noticeable in 3rd party library’s for Omnisphere. Where possible some extra time has been spent tagging additional information into the browser. This will be an ongoing process

Updated Plugin Artwork

Artwork for all NKS library plugins has been updated to fit in better with the style of the factory library. If you have the previous version 1 NKS library you will need to overwrite the IMAGES included with this release. 

Sound Previews

This update now includes sound previews for the preset browser. Every preset will play a small sound sample of the preset sound while browsing. This now adds some extra size to the download and the installation. 

Libraries Available

To view the list of available libraries you must purchase the Omnisphere NKS Factory Library. These 3rd party libraries require this to be installed first. After purchase you will be able to see the list of libraries available for purchase below.

If you have any issues with the checkout process please feel free to Contact Me with your registered User Name. 


NOTE: You must own Omnisphere 2 and have the 3rd party library installed and working in Omnisphere for these NKS files to work. These are NKS files only for Komplete/Maschine and do not contain any source material. 




To see a list of 3rd Party libraries available for Omnisphere you must own the Omnisphere NKS Factory Library. If you own the Omnisphere NKS Factory Library simply login to view the available 3rd party libraries.


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