Cart System & Download Updates

I have made some updated changes to the cart system when purchasing NKS libraries based on feedback and testing as well as updated the downloads section of the website for your purchased downloads.

Login is now Required

I tried to make it a simple process so you could make a purchase/download without the need to login to an account and while this worked just fine, almost every user that did not login to their account would contact me after purchase asking if I could then add their purchase to their account which kind of defeated the purpose of an automated delivery system . 

You now have to either login to your account or create one to purchase which is a simple step and just requires a user name, email and password. The benefit is you then have easy access to download the files again in the future which is important when updates are released.

Add to Cart

Each item now has an "Add to Cart" button that will add the item to a cart. You will find the cart in the top toolbar on the far Right. Once you click the Add to Cart button it will simply appear there. Just click an entry in the cart to remove it. The cart works for logged in users only.

Streamlined Checkout

For blind users there was a popup message when you clicked the Buy button that informed users to login if they wanted to save their purchases. This caused issues as screen reader software was unable to find the "I Agree" button for you. This popup no longer is required and you are directed straight to Paypal now so should be much easier. 

I am aware the website is not ideal for blind users but it's what I have to work with since it was designed way before I started offering NKS. I am always looking to improve so if there are any suggestions please let me know. 

New "My Downloads" Page

There is a completely separate system for the older 1.x NKS releases than the current ones. I have done my best to make sure users can access and upgrade their libraries easily and now you will find the "My Downloads" menu takes you to a nice clean page that lists a link to the older download section (only if you have previous files) and lists all your new purchases and upgrades on a single page. 


Last modified on Thursday, 23 November 2017 10:04

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