Ableton Live 10 New Features

So it's now well known that Live 10 will be released next year and I for one am excited. I already have a copy of the Beta and there are some great new features and improvements that add up to an overall better experience. There are still some things I would love to see but this is a great start to the new version and seems to be setting things up for some much better developments. 

Now, i'm far too busy to create videos showcasing the new features so here are a couple I have watched (out of many) that show the new features and improvements of Live and Push. 

Some of the most stand out features for me in Live 10 would have to be the nested groups, MIDI capture (without record) and the plethora of small enhancements to editing and navigation. 

For Push the addition of all the new visuals for devices and then of course the new clip edit view makes Push feel even more a direct extension of Live and not just a controller. Check out the below videos for a good insight into what we can expect in the release. 

Ableton Live 10 New Features Overview

New Push 2 Features

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