NKS Plugin v2.1 updates for Native Instruments

We now have an exciting update to ALL NKS Preset Packs available from Freelance Soundlabs for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol/Maschine. All NKS packs have been overhauled and are now v2.1 and there are a lot of new features...


Browser Sound Previews


The latest sound preview feature is now available in all NKS updates from Freelance SoundLabs allowing you to hear what the presets sound like as you browse before loading the instrument.

There is currently no volume control in User library but you can adjust the preview volume from the factory library. Hopefully they will consider adding this.

Browser Library Banks

omnisphere banks

It is now possible to browse by library Banks. This is a huge improvement over the old [Library] tag and that has now been removed from all preset libraries. Most instruments have several factory and 3rd party libraries available and you can now select a single library to browse.



Improved Tagging

NKS Library v1 v2 Thumb

Tagging was a bit of a mess especially between some instruments as tags were not always synched between libraries. For owners of many Omnisphere 3rd party libraries you would have seen a huge mess and many near-empty tags. I have spent a considerable amount of time to clean these up and consolidate junk tags and remove many tags that were almost empty results. This will speed up the browsing hugely. Click Here to see a before/after example of the tag library.

In addition to this some extra time has been spent adding some more tag data to instruments such as Korg Wavestation which contained very few tags due to the instrument having no tags to go off.

Omni 3rd party

3rd Party Library Updates

3rd party libraries for Omnisphere from Audiority, PluginGuru, The Unfinished, PlugHugger, etc have all been updated with the new features. If you have any of the 3rd party library NKS packs you should have received an email advising of the updated downloads available. This is a free update. 

For a complete list of NKS files for 3rd party libraries click Here


New Library Artwork

NKS new artwork

New artwork for the plugins is included with the latest versions. This is not a required update of course but should fit in a bit better with the style of the factory library. You just need to copy the files in the image folder and overwrite the existing ones.


Updates to Loom, Lethal & Wavestation

Loom Logo Black

Loom has been updated to Loom II and now includes both the Loom II updated library and the Loom I Legacy library as separate banks. If you do not have Loom II, don't download the update as it may not work on Loom I. Email me (just reply to this email) if you are a Loom I owner and if I get enough requests I will process sound files for Loom I and offer a separate upgrade for Loom I users.

Lethal Logo Black

Lethal has now been updated with additional X13, X14, X15 and X16 expansion releases along with updated sound previews for all presets. Additional libraries will be updated as they are released and these will be a free update for Lethal users.


Korg Wavestation has received a large tagging overhaul to add much more tag details. Thanks to the sound preview feature it is now very quick to manually tag presets when the VST does not contain any tag information for the sounds. I have spent some time tagging various other instruments and will be focusing some more time adding more tagging info to presets.


Keyscape Velocity Update (soon)

When creating the NKS files for Keyscape I had to create an individual one for every preset, by hand, because every preset offered different controls for mapping. When each file is created it records the velocity setting and since my personal setting may not suit everyone I decided to leave it set at default.

The problem is this will greatly differ in performance between the S61 and S88 keyboards. Since there is both an S61 and S88 preset in Keyscape I looked into how I could possibly create some new mappings and it should be possibly by simply editing the new value for velocity straight into the files with a text editor so I will create a few different velocity settings that you can set as your default.

I might put a quick tutorial on editing this yourself if interested, just let me know because it's pretty easy.If you recon you have a good value for any of the models let me know.

New File Download System

For the last 2 years I have had a very simple donation/download system which required me to manually activate a download on your account before you could access it. This worked but is cumbersom to manage and often people would expect things to be delivered automatically... 

Well now that is possible. I have a completely new cart system that delivers downloads immediatly without waiting.

As an existing user you can upgrade your previous NKS purchases:


You will see all the previous 1.x purchases under "Donor Downloads" but will now see an "Upgrade" button to upgrade to the latest version for a small fee. Click it to upgrade to the latest full version.

Once you complete an upgrade you will receive a download link immediatly and can just revisit the product page to get your download again in the future (no need to go to "my downloads" once you have upgraded)

The v2.1 NKS products you have purchased will show as $0 when you hover over the button so you can't accidentally purchase it again. Just contact me if you have any issues.


I really hope you enjoy these new features, it's been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. We have been testing these NKS updates over the last month using both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol with a few users doing tests on different systems and it has been working great so far.

I will be working on fine tuning the sound preview files to offer better samples for different instrument types and will be doing more preset tagging where I can. If you happen to find any issues please let me know either via our facebook page, email or on the forum thread. 


Please Note: that in order to update the NKS library you will need to delete your existing NKS presets and replace with the updated version. This will mean you loose your "favourite tags"



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