Ableton Live (2)


This category covers everything to do with Ableton Live including tips & tricks, tools, template files and so on. If you are a live user you may find some useful tips in here gathered from the forums and experience

 KK Live Splash

This guide demonstrates how to use the Komplete Kontrol Smart Play features with ANY track in Live by using a "Master" track to control instrument tracks. Thile this guide uses Live it is also possible in many other DAWs using the same process.


DAW Tips: Backup Your Data!

So you are interested in maybe getting started with making some music, editing some video or just experimenting a little. While there are loads of beginner guides that help you choose a DAW, explain the basics of audio workstations, routing and plugins there are few that actually bother to take a step back and start on what I consider a much more important starting point... Backing up your data. 



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