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The Omnisphere 2 Patch Browser for Ableton Push is a browsing library that allows loading of any Omnisphere factory preset from the Ableton Push MK1 and MK2.

This browser library contains all 7000+ fatory presets saned as Ableton Instrument Racks and sorted into catogory folders that mirror the browser in Omnisphere.


  • Live 9+
  • Requires Live Glue Compressor
  • Supports VST Only (no AU Support)
  • Works on PC/MAC
  • Supports 32/64 Bit
  • Supports Push MK1 + MK2
  • Works in Omnisphere 2 Only

Whats New?

The new preset racks are the same as previous with over 100 omnisphere mapped controls and an EQ8 in the chain: 


The instrument rack now has a Glue Compressor on the output but loaded in an OFF state. I personally love the sound of the Glue even subtle so I like to have it ready. The Macro knobs are now mapped to basic EQ and Compressor controls for easy tweaking of the initial track sound. 

There are 2 library folders within the zip file for Omnisphere V1 and Omnisphere V2. 

You can keep this folder structure to help browse based on the original or V2 versions of Omnisphere or combine these into a single folder, arrange them as you wish. 


Why No Macro Knob Mappings?

You may notice that though there are about 80 configured controls for the Omnisphere VST that the 8 Macro knobs have been left blank. This is for several reasons:

  • The macro knobs will not update their position if you change a VST preset which results in sounds not being correct when switching from one preset to another
  • The Macro Knobs will only display a generic 1---127 value instead of the actual controllers data. Configured controls will display the actual Time/Freq/Position data of the control
  • You only have access to 8 Macro knobs whereas you really need access to many, many more and can easily access the configured controls with Push
  • The Macro knobs can be utilized instead for MACRO control allowing mapping to multiple parameters when you dial in your sound.


Browsing via Push


The folder structure closely mirrors the Omnisphere browser structure with some of the obselete sorting categories combined to make browsing simple. Navigation from Push is quick and easy and allows any Omnisphere patches to be browsed, loaded or swapped. If it is desired to change the way the folders are displayed on Push the user can simply rearrange the folders and files to their liking.  

I manually sorted patches into folders with a MAX limit of about 50-80 files. If there were more than this in a category I created numbered folders to help keep browsing on a small LCD simple.

It took some time to get this method working well and was the longest part of the manual process




For any questions or support related matters please see the Ableton Push Forum

Please consider donating if you find it useful. A lot of time and effort went into the creation of these patches and hosting the files costs me money so all donations are much appreciated.



You can download a Free version with a small selection of presets to see how it will work for you. 

Free Download

The Full version can be purchased and will be delivered immediatly after payment. You need to register an account so you can download your files again in the future. 

Push Browser: Omnisphere 2 Factory A$13.99




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