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The Omnisphere 2 Patch Browser is an expansion preset pack for browsing Omnisphere 2 presets from Push. This package contains close to 4000 presets that can be used either standalone to browse the updated Omnisphere 2 presets or in addition to the original Omnisphere 1 preset pack. Over 100 Omnisphere controls have been mapped and grouped for programming your sounds.

To update your original Omnisphere templates you can download this pack and either create a second folder or merge into the original folder. Keeping this as a separate folder will allow you to browse through the latest presets easily. Please Note that none of the Omnisphere 1 presets are available in this pack. Omnisphere 1 presets can be downloaded HERE


  • Live 9
  • Requires Live Glue Compressor
  • Supports VST Only (no AU Support)
  • Works on PC/MAC
  • Supports 32/64 Bit
  • Supports Push MK1 + MK2
  • Works in Omnisphere 2 Only

Whats New?

The new preset racks are the same as previous with over 100 omnisphere mapped controls and an EQ8 in the chain: 


The instrument rack now has a Glue Compressor on the output but loaded in an OFF state. I personally love the sound of the Glue even subtle so I like to have it ready. The Macro knobs are now mapped to basic EQ and Compressor controls for easy tweaking of the initial track sound. The Omnisphere Instrument has a large number of parameters mapped (same as before) and a complete list can be found in the readme. 



For any questions or support related matters please see the Ableton Push Forum

Please consider donating if you find it useful. A lot of time and effort went into the creation of these patches and hosting the files costs me money so all donations are much appreciated.


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Downloads are available to users who have donated for Omnisphere 1 presets only. A donation of $10 (AU) is required to get a download for this preset pack. If you have already donated to Omnisphere 1 just Contact Me with the Paypal Email address and I will hook you up or feel free to donate again.

To get your Omnisphere 2 Push Download:

  • Register an account with us so we can activate your secured download
  • Send a donation of $10
  • Once we receive your donation we will activate a download on your account and send you notification (this can take up to 24/48 hours so please be patient)
  • Login and select Downloads > My Downloads. You should notice a "Donor Downloads" section with your download available


Download PDF Instructions

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