Komplete Kontrol Smart Play of Any Track in Ableton Live

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This guide demonstrates how to use the Komplete Kontrol Smart Play features with ANY track in Live by using a "Master" track to control instrument tracks. Thile this guide uses Live it is also possible in many other DAWs using the same process.


 Komplete Kontrol has some great ARP and Scale features when using instruments loaded within the KK software but there may be times where you wish to use these features within a project containing other devices that cannot be loaded within Komplete Kontrol. This tutorial shows how to setup a single track with the Komplete Kontrol software loaded and rout the smart play features to any track in Live quickly and easily. This can also be handy to add Komplete Kontrol to older projects and templates without replacing every tracks instrument.

This video tutorial shows the whole process but for a quick list of steps read on...



Step 1: Understand the Komplete Kontrol Ableton Rack
If you are brand new (or unfamiliar with Ableton Live) you first need to know that you need to load the KK plugin using an Ableton Instrument Rack included with the installation of komplete Kontrol. To install this and use it see This Thread

Step 2: Add a MIDI track for your Komplete Kontrol "input"
This is the single KK instance that acts as the MIDI input for your controllers. It will receive input from your controllers and send the smart play data to your tracks


Drag the Komplete Kontrol rack onto the channel. Make sure your rack has the "NIKB00" control set (note that if you have other instances already of Komplete Kontrol already in your project the end number will be different). Be sure to firstly understand the need to use the Instrument Rack instead of just loading the VST itself.

Step 3: Load a "blank" instrument in Komplete Kontrol
Open the VST interface for Komplete Kontrol

Then manually add the Kontakt plugin by going Menu > Plugins


Close the Browser to make a nice simple interface. You now have Kontakt loaded but it will remain empty

Step 4: Set the tracks MIDI Monitor input to "IN"
This sets the track to always listen to MIDI signals from controllers even when this track is not armed

Step 5: Setup your Instrument Tracks
Add whatever instrument tracks you like in Live and load with whatever instruments you like. On each track you would like to control using Komplete Kontrol smart play features set the "MIDI From" to receive signal from the Komplete Kontrol track:


Step 6: Arm the track and play your instrument
Once you arm the track you should be able to now play one of your attached MIDI devices and hear sound from your instrument track. This will be passed from the Komplete Kontrol track


Step 7: Change the Scale/Arp functions in Komplete Kontrol
Open the Scale/Arp settings in the Komplete Kontrol instance and set whatever you like (1).

You can also change these settings from the keyboard by pressing the "keyboard connect" button (2) or by pressing Shift+Instance on the keyboard

You should now be well on your way using a single instance of Komplete Kontrol to drive your entire project using smart play features. Just remember that any tracks you wish to use the smart play features you need to set the MIDI From to your KK instance track. Save this as a template to get started quickly.

You can switch tracks from the keyboard using the track navigation controls and the track will auto arm as you navigate allowing immediate playback of the track. Just press Shift + Instance on the keyboard to gain control of the Scale/Arp features to make adjustments

If you are a Push user you will note that tracks set to receive input from the KK track no longer "auto arm" when you use Push to select them. This is normal and a workaround is to Hold the REC button on Push and press the Track Select button (the one below the LCD that selects that track) which Rec Arms the track. A small circle icon appears next to the name of a track that is armed. You can now use Push to smart play through KK too.


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