Latest NKS Updates 2.1.1 & New Releases

NKS packages are now running at v2.1.1 as of December 11 2017. If you want to know the versions you are running, check the downloaded ZIP file for the readme which shows the version. This is an incremental update from the big 2.1 update.

ALL NKS libraries have been updated with new tagging, some new artwork and database files and new sound preview files. It is RECOMMENDED to download and replace your existing libraries but it's up to you

All existing 2.1 users can access the latest updates for free. Just Login and go to My Downloads and you should see your previous downloads listed there. If something is not available, please let me know and I will look into it

Cleaner Tagging & More of it
It's been an ongoing process to clean up tagging over multiple libraries to keep the browser clutter free and working smoothly. The issue has been when I create a new NKS library I sometimes program tagging incorrectly into scripts as I was doing it from memory. Now I use a specific method to tag files which should result in all tagging being uniform. Omnisphere has set the basis for much of the tagging (along with the official tagging method).

Additionally I have spent some time with the help of the new sound preview system to assign more tagging to instruments such as Korg Legacy Cell and Wavestation so more files are now tagged with more information. This is an ongoing process and individual libraries will be updated over time.

Just download and replace the files you have. Your favourites should still remain in tact as no paths have been changed.

Artwork for Loaded Plugin (Maschine / Komplete MK2 Screens)
New database files now display both artwork and colouring on the LCD screens when you load a plug-in. Previously when you loaded a plug-in you would just see white text and a black background. You will now see the splash and a coloured background when loading a plugin and exiting the browser. 

New Sound Previews
New sound previews have been generated for many instruments:

Bass sounds now play an E1 note not C1 which sounds much better. Some cases it is an E2 due to E1 being a little too low but it should be better in instruments such as Trilian.

Acoustic guitars now play a "strum" sound in most instruments

Drum Kits should mostly now play 4 hits of the kit so you can hear hopefully a few different drums in a kit instead of just a single hit

Some missing sounds have been fixed but there may be some missing still (such as drum or percussion kits that only occupy a few keys in the range

Loom II Extra Library: Tapestry
Loom users can now download the new NKS library and will receive a bonus 68 presets from forum member Kymeia who sent through a library which has been included with the Loom II release with his permission.

New NKS Releases

MiniGrand NKS Splash800

db 33 nks splash800

synthmasterone nks splash800









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