The Presonus Firebox is a 6 in 8 out Firewire Audio Interface for MAC and PC capable of 96Khz sample rates. While it may be an older player in the audio interface market it has been a very reliable and great quality audio interface providing everything I have demanded of it.

The ZOOM H4n is a portable audio recorder aimed at the armature professional market and is a great starting point when looking at portable audio recorders. Compared to the high end options like Tascam and Sound Devices it may look like just a kids toy and while it may not have some of the nice features of the bigger players, it does offer great quality recording at 1/20th of the cost. 



ABN: 15 496 053 947
PPCA: 1023800

Freelancesoundlabs is owned and operated by Jason Absolom who resides in Adelaide, South Australia. The company was officially started under the name "JesterMgee Productions" in 2010 but was changed shortly after to Freelance Soundlabs. 

Freelance Soundlabs has grown from a life long passion for sound and music and now offers any creative individual our services ranging from audio recording, to musical compositions and ideas, sound design, mixing, mastering and DJing.



This is a TEST page that is currently being used to test some audio players!

Feel free to check them out. These will be used on the site for different features soon.

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 The MPD32 is a MIDI controller based on the very popular MPC drum machine created by Akai. The 4x4 drum pads look and feel very similar but there is no audio capabilities with this device. It is purely a MIDI controller.

In addition to the 16 rubber drum pads the MPD has 8 faders, 8 buttons, 8 endless rotary encoders, transport controls, controller bank switches, 32 preset locations, foot control inputs and a MIDI clock.

The MPD32 can operate as a Control Surface in Ableton (and possibly other applications) allowing the top faders to auto-map to the first 8 tracks and the below buttons can control the ARM function of these 8 tracks. Additionally, the 8 encoders will auto-map to the first 8 MIDI assigned controls in a rack or macro controls without learning. The pads themselves will automatically map to the pads shown in Abletons drum rack and will follow you through as you click through the rack.

The AKGK240 are a cost effective but high quality pair of semi-open monitor headphones. These were my first major purchase when I started out over 15 years ago replacing a cheap set of headphones I had been using for monitoring mixes. Being so young (just 19) at the time I was not really aware of how much of a difference a good pair of cans could make until I put these around my ears.

Welcome Message

Welcome to Freelance Soundlabs. We are a sound and media company based in Adelaide, South Australia who specialise in a range of areas: 

- Mobile DJ service
- Location audio recording
- Music production for film
- Sound mixing, ADR, foley 
- Sound design & sound effects recording
- Audio conversion & mastering
- Computer programming, scripting & support
- Synth programming & presets
- Native Instruments NKS development
- Ableton Push instrument rack programming
- High end PC work station builds & solutions
- Digital and sketch artists
- Film actors, producers, directors
- Editing, design & production
- Website design and management

We have a network of experienced people and are always looking to connect talent to clients. You can find examples of our services here and we are always willing to see if we can assist you with your next event or project. 

If you think we may be able to assist you then drop us a Comment 

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