Just released is the Novation Bass Station presets for Ableton Push. This is a free download which will allow browsing and complete tweaking of VST instrument.

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You can download the presets and find out more HERE

Bass Station Patch Browser for Ableton Push

bassstation vst splash800

Welcome to the Novation Bass Station Patch Browser Bridge for the Ableton Push and Ableton Live 9.

Push is fantastic at getting you straight into making music with little fuss. The browser support on the Push is great if you are browsing Ableton native devices but there is little to no support for loading 3rd party devices like VST/AU plugins. There is certainly no way of browsing the presets within external devices.

There are solutions though and the Ableton community has been busy creating these. By loading a VST/AU into Ableton and creating an Instrument Rack you can pre-map parameters and Save this into the User Library folder and load this from Push. This allows you to create a default instance of the device with control mappings and load it any time.

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