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Welcome to the Novation Bass Station Patch Browser Bridge for the Ableton Push and Ableton Live 9.

Push is fantastic at getting you straight into making music with little fuss. The browser support on the Push is great if you are browsing Ableton native devices but there is little to no support for loading 3rd party devices like VST/AU plugins. There is certainly no way of browsing the presets within external devices.

There are solutions though and the Ableton community has been busy creating these. By loading a VST/AU into Ableton and creating an Instrument Rack you can pre-map parameters and Save this into the User Library folder and load this from Push. This allows you to create a default instance of the device with control mappings and load it any time.

So that will allow the instrument to be loaded but what about browsing the presets? Well, if you can save an instrument rack with a loaded preset and create 1 instrument rack for Each preset you can browse and load from Push. “Simple”…

This preset pack will allow you to browse, load and tweak the factory presets for the Novation Bass Station VST instrument. All 99 presets have been wrapped into Ableton Instrument Racks for use with the Push controller.

These preset packs take a lot of time to create so all donations are very appreciated.

The Racks

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All racks are identical but are simply created with the named patch loaded in Bass Station. An EQ8 is attached to the output of every preset with a low cut 40Hz filter and an ever so slight boost on the low frequency.
The MACRO knobs are unmapped and allow the user to set their own macros. Don't worry, almost ALL of the controls for the VST are mapped for control with Push.

Using the IN Button on Push you can enter into the instrument rack and then into the Bass Station VST and you then have access to ALL the parameters saved in the rack via banks of 8. This is much more useful that only having 8 knobs and also the Macro knobs do not update their value when you change presets so use them when you find a preset you like to map to the main important controls for that preset.

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Installation is simple. The racks are simply copied to your User library and it is recommended to create a VST folder for your VST rack patches in the Root of the User folder to save the structure getting too deep. Optionally, you can create another "Places" link to go direct to these patches. It is up to you.

To access your patches select the BROWSE option in Push then browse to PLACES then USER LIBRARY. You will then see your VST folder created if live detects any valid files to load inside. Keep browsing into the categories to find your patch.

Final Words

You can always find out the latest on the Ableton Forums
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Download Bass Station Patches for Push (1MB)


Download PDF Instructions

Though this package is offered free it is not offered for re-distribution. It is available from and if you would like to host the file or offer a download through your website please contact me. It should be made VERY clear that this package is to ONLY be offered with the inclusion of the ReadMe PDF file and under no circumstances is anyone to offer this package for money or attempt to collect donations. A lot of effort was invested and this is offered as a good faith to the Ableton Community. Have Fun.

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