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The Omnisphere Patch Browser for Push project was created to allow the Ableton Push controller the ability to browse and control the Omnisphere VST Synth. This project started after I purchased a Push controller and soon discovered the limitation that it would not allow me to browse the massive library of Omnisphere fromt he controller. As so many Ableton users have discovered this limitation can upset the intention that Push was designed for which was to take you away fromm the computer when composing.

The Solution?

The Push controller allows you to easily load and swap Ableton spcific devices directly from the controllers LCD displays "on-the-fly" without stopping playback or touching the computer. This is a great ability as it keeps a flow going and makes the controller really feel like an instrument. In order to even load a 3rd party VST instrument you first have to create an Instrument Rack containing the VST and then Save this into the User Library.

Saving a VST in an instrument rack allows you to load it as it was saved along with all the control mappings. This is the first step but doesn't allow you to browse the presets from the Push Controller.

So to get this functionality requires creating an instrument rack for EVERY preset in Omnisphere... And that is exactly what I set out to achieve.



  • Ableton Live 9+
  • Push 1/2 Supported!
  • 32/64 Bit Support
  • VST Only (does not work with AU plugin)
  • PC/MAC
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1/2 (required and works with both versions)  


Creating The Instrument Rack


The first step was to create a default instrument rack that would have a good selection of default controls mapped for Omnisphere to allow tweaking. This was a difficult task as many controls and modulation settings will change from one patch to another so I needed to decide on a good selection of main controls. This took a few weeks to get right as the Push controller will group these into banks of 8 so it was a task to get controls all fitting in evenly in these banks.


I also created the rack with an EQ8 on the output ready for shaping the sound and also to offer a visual spectrum of the output. I applied a 40Hz low cut filter as this is something I like to apply to most elements to remove the unneeded frequencies below this point. The rest of the rack is empty / default

Why No Macro Knob Mappings?

You may notice that though there are about 80 configured controls for the Omnisphere VST that the 8 Macro knobs have been left blank. This is for several reasons:

  • The macro knobs will not update their position if you change a VST preset which results in sounds not being correct when switching from one preset to another
  • The Macro Knobs will only display a generic 1---127 value instead of the actual controllers data. Configured controls will display the actual Time/Freq/Position data of the control
  • You only have access to 8 Macro knobs whereas you really need access to many, many more and can easily access the configured controls with Push
  • The Macro knobs can be utilized instead for MACRO control allowing mapping to multiple parameters when you dial in your sound.

Creating All The Preset Files

The aim was to closely mirror the Omnisphere folder structure to allow browsing by categories and types of sounds. This would cause some duplicates of presets that fall in multiple folders and would end up yielding over 17,000 files to browse from Push. To do all this by hand would be insane and pretty much impossible so how was it done?

To create an Ableton Instrument rack for each Omnisphere patch I first created my default Omnisphere Instrument Rack in Ableton and then set about creating an automated script using AutoIT (PC) that could step through each patch in Omnisphere, copy its name, save a new instrument rack in Ableton with the same name. After a number of hours refining the script and getting it running nicely it was able to create an instrument rack every 6 seconds. When it reached the end of the group of patches it would stop and I would set the next group to export and start over again. This took about 2 weeks of constant script running and monitoring to produce the files.

Browsing via Push


The folder structure closely mirrors the Omnisphere browser structure with some of the obselete sorting categories combined to make browsing simple. Navigation from Push is quick and easy and allows any Omnisphere patches to be browsed, loaded or swapped. If it is desired to change the way the folders are displayed on Push the user can simply rearrange the folders and files to their liking. 

I manually sorted patches into folders with a MAX limit of about 50-80 files. If there were more than this in a category I created numbered folders to help keep browsing on a small LCD simple.

It took some time to get this method working well and was the longest part of the manual process




For any questions or support related matters please see the Ableton Push Forum

Please keep in mind this project was done out of a desire to have Omnispere browsable from my own Push. I have created it for my own needs and offered it for FREE to those interested.

Please consider donating if you find it useful. A Lot of time and effort went into the creation of these patches and hosting the files costs me money so all donations are much appreciated.


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You can download the complete patch browser pack below or you can choose to download the single template file to test how it will work for you. Complete installation and usage instructions are also found in the complete package or at the below link


Download Complete Browser (1GB)

Download Single Omnisphere Patch

Download PDF Instructions


Omnisphere 2 Upgrade

omni push splash800

Omnisphere 2 for Push is now also available HERE

An upgrade preset pack is now available to all users that donated for Omnisphere 1. This preset pack covers all presets in Omnisphere 2 as a separate library from Omnisphere 1 so you can browse by V1 or V2 presets. 

  • Donate $10 or more using the link/donate button on this page or in the PDF included with the Omnisphere Preset Pack
  • Register an account (use your email/name from paypal to make it easier for me)
  • Wait for a confirmation email which can take 24/48 hours
  • Download your files (Look for a special "Donor Downloads" folder at the top once logged in)
  • ContactMe if you have any problems

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