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Version 2.1.2 has just been released (15 Jan 2018) and has been tested with the latest Korg Collections and also includes the new Arp Odyssey.
Welcome to the Korg Legacy Collection NKS Library for the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine software

This NKS Library contains all factory presets and some additional preset banks for all Legacy Collection instruments to browse using the Komplete Kontrol or Maschine software. This totals over 5900 preset files.



  • Arp Odyssey (200 presets)
  • Legacy Cell (320 presets)
  • M1 (3465 presets)
  • MonoPoly (635 presets)
  • MS-20 (257 presets)
  • Polysix (219 presets)
  • Wavestation (900 presets)

Presets are mostly tagged for quick browsing of sounds within Komplete Kontrol with controls mapped in a logical way. Artwork is also provided to make your user library look pretty.  

All presets have been converted to NKS files which contain the preset information, tagging information and mapped controls. New Sound Preview files allow you to hear the sound of a preset before loading the instrument. Additionally, a Komplete Kontrol database file and plug-in artwork is also included to create entries in your User Library.


  • Komplete Kontrol Software v1.9+
  • Maschine Software v2.6+
  • Supports Korg Legacy VSTs
  • Supports Korg Collection VSTs
  • Works on PC / Mac
  • S Series MK1/MK2 Compatible
  • Maschine Studio MK2 / MK3 Compatible
  • Supports 32 / 64 Bit

NOTE: You must own Korg Legacy or Korg Collections for this preset pack to work. 

Update: Korg Legacy is being discontinued and Korg Collections will be taking its place. this is the same VST plugins as a new bundle. The current NKS library files ahve already been tested to work with the new release. Legacy users can update to the new Collections following the steps on your Korg Legacy account. Arp Odyssey is an optional addition that can be purchased and added to users "Collection" account. See the Korg website for details.

Please ensure you are running the latest version of Komplete Kontrol and that you can load the the Korg plugins before attempting to install the preset pack. 

Native Instruments Forum Page


New in v2.1.2

Tested Compatibility with Korg Collections Bundle
This NKS library was developed using the Korg Legacy bundle but has been tested to work just fine with Korg Collections. The Collections bundle is the same plugins just with a different authoriser. Some changes may come down the track. Please note that Korg Collections is supplied as 64bit only.



Arp Odyssey NKS Now Included
Arp Odyssey is a new synth available for Korg Collections and this has been added as a free update to tthis NKS package. Simply download the latest package and add to your library.


New in v2.1.1

Improved Tagging
Additional tagging has been done to many presets across all libraries as well as a more cleaning up of tags. To make best use of
this be sure to update all your libraries to the latest. Just download and copy over the existing files.

New Sound Previews
New preview files have been generated for all instruments. Bass notes for synth/acoustic bass are now an E1 note which sounds
more natural. Drum kit presets now play 4 different hits to showcase a few kit sounds. Acoustic guitars now produce a “strum”
chord instead of a single C note. Some sounds were fixed but others (especially small drum kits) may not play a sound.

New Image Display for loaded Plug-ins (Maschine Studio/MK3/Komplete MK2)
When browsing for a sound and loading a preset the display screens would show a black screen with a text title of the plugging
instead of the plugging splash logo. This has been addressed and now adds an extra few folders to cater for this. A splash image
is now displayed along with the colour of the plug-in header.

Features Added in v2.1

Filter by Instrument BANK

Korg Banks

Now Available is a much needed feature that is available in the Factory library... The ability to filter an instrument by preset BANKS using a second and third filter below the plug-in header.

This now replaces the [Library] tag place holder that was in previous library’s and offers the ability to finally restrict a search to a single library or sub library.

Cleaner Tagging
Tags have been better condensed across multiple instruments and library’s. There were many duplicate tag locations in different areas and this has been heavily reduced which will be most noticeable in 3rd party library’s for Omnisphere. Where possible some extra time has been spent tagging additional information into the browser. This will be an ongoing process

Updated Plugin Artwork
Artwork for all NKS library plugins has been updated to fit in better with the style of the factory library. If you have the previous version 1 NKS library you will need to overwrite the IMAGES included with this release. 

Sound Previews
This update now includes sound previews for the preset browser. Every preset will play a small sound sample of the preset sound while browsing. This now adds some extra size to the download and the installation.

Free Version

The Free Download Version contains a handful of presets to test how the NKS installation and compatibility will work. You can download and install this for free to test things out before purchasing the full NKS browser pack.

Download FREE Preset Pack


Full Version

Please Login or Create an Account to purchase and download the files. You will then have access to the Cart to add multiple purchases in a single transaction. 

You will find all your purchased downloads on the My Downloads page

If you have any issues with the checkout process please feel free to Contact Me with your registered User Name. 


NKS Library: Korg Legacy A$16.99







Install instructions are included with each download but you can also download instructions here: 

Download PDF Instructions


The Preset Browser & Controls

KK Korg Komplete1

KK Korg Komplete2

 KK KorgMonoPoly Controls

Each instrument has a complete library of presets and detailed artwork. Presets contain tagging information and carefully mapped, grouped and labelled controls over multiple pages that will work directly from the KK keyboard or Maschine controller.

The Korg M1 contains a different mapping for combination presets than single to allow control of all layers.

Support forum on Native Instruments forum Here


Frequently Asked Questions


This NKS library is created with no affiliation to Native Instruments or the VST vendor. I am not paid, or even supported by Native Instruments or the vendors. Downloading and usage of this library is at the users own risk. Payments are non refundable. There is no support or guarantee offered that these will suit your own application which is why a free version is offered to test with. If you are satisfied with the free version then the paid version offers the same features and includes all factory presets. There is no guarantee that future versions of the Komplete/Maschine software will support these preset files or the current features.

Users are not authorised to share or distribute the files with anyone else without the consent of Freelance SoundLabs. A lot of work goes into managing this project, hosting the files and writing documentation and I am also an active forum member helping out users. Please do the right thing; the cost is only a few beers to help me out.


 v2.1.2 (15 Jan 2018)
- Tested NKS against latest Korg Collection release
- Added new Korg Collection Synth Arp Odyssey NKS presets + sound previews
- Added artwork for Arp Odyssey
- Updated documentation

v2.1.1 (03 Dec 2017)
- Updated tagging to remove duplicate and incorrect tags
- Added splash image for loaded instrument on Maschine MK2/Studio/Komplete MK2
- Removed a random paintshop project file from image folder
- Changed OSD background colour to darker for LegacyCell + Wavestation so text can be read easier on Maschine/Komplete MK3
- Cleaned up some more tagging
- Hand tagged over 1000 presets in all instruments with more details
- Fixed incorrectly tagged "Arp" tags in LegacyCell presets

V2.1 (21 October 2017)
- M1: Fixed some presets in M1 Factory Combination having default control pages
- M1: Fixed Factory Program Card 6 presets tagged as Card 11
- M1: Updated tags to include the card description from M1
- Changes merged into 2.0 branch from 21 Oct 2017. No increment in version number.
- Added "Sound Previews" for all presets in all Korg Legacy instruments
- Monopoly: Removed duplicate presets from 3rd party library's
- Updated plug-in artwork for all plugi-ns
- Updated documentation

V2.0 (10 October 2017)
- Consolidated tagging across all libraries
- Created new Banks for all libraries
- Removed [library] tags
- Updated splash artwork with Maschine/Komplete Kontrol & NKS branding

v1.0 - Initial Version (2 Feb 2017)



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