K2 Page Break Fixes

Another "note to self" which may prove useful to other Joomla user using the K2 comment system.

Joomla contains a simple "Page Break" module that allows pages to be created in an item. Basically a single item can have breaks inserted which create a new page with the option to have a table list or just <> buttons. K2 seems to have some issues with this and does not recognise the default pagebreak function in articles.

A solution for this (which also works in other article management systems) is a plugin called PageBreakMyJSpace

This replaces the default page break feature with a new plugin that contains a lot more custom options for managing how the system works, custom layout of the table of contents and a heap of other neat features. It also takes the default page break button and references within Joomla editors and uses these to work with the plugin so it's almost plug-&-play.

There is however a few things to be aware of:

- You need to disable the default Joomla page break plugin.
- It requires the Cache system to be OFF

In regards to the cache system this refers to the global site cache which if switched ON the pages never allow you to navigate further than page 1 (clicking Next will return to page 1). When I disabled the cache system my website host advised my site was consuming far too much CPU. So what may be required is to allow global cache for the site but disable cache for pages that use the Page Break plugin. On the developers site they also have listed a plugin that achieves just this: k2nocachepagebreak

Simply install this plugin and enable it and any pages that contain a page break will not be cached by the system allowing the plugin to work correctly. Simple fix.

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