Freelance Studio Services

The Freelance Soundlabs studio is a modest but high-tech space where we can work on creative projects. Additional studios are run by our partners that cater for digital art design, commission sketch work, video production etc.

So you can feel confident in our abilities please take the tour to see how we operate.

Freelance Showcase

Here are just a few of the projects we have been involved with apart from our own projects for your interest. Many of the projects we assist with are films for festivals and competitions and as such cannot be released to the public outside official screenings. As they complete their journey through the film community they will be hosted online and available. Here we can show some of the ones released for public view and some trailers released for others. 

About Freelance Soundlabs


ABN: 15 496 053 947
PPCA: 1023800

Freelancesoundlabs is owned and operated by Jason Absolom who resides in Adelaide, South Australia. The company was officially started under the name "JesterMgee Productions" in 2010 but was changed shortly after to Freelance Soundlabs. 

Freelance Soundlabs has grown from a life long passion for sound and music and now offers any creative individual our services ranging from audio recording, to musical compositions and ideas, sound design, mixing, mastering and DJing.

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