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Crimson City

This was written, directed, stared and produced by Rowan Hopkins. Armed with his Sony film camera and spanning over a 2 year period Rowan setup and shot most of the film himself with help from many of us. The hour long movie won an Indi movie award and is still doing the rounds so cannot be posted up but here is a preview of what was achieved. The movie featured about 12 tracks written by us at Freelance Soundlabs along with some simple sound mixes.


Lest We Forget

A short film written again by Rowan Hopkins as part of a short film competition. The film is about a war digger who lets his grandson take his war medals to school where he is then tricked out of them by some school kids. It's a great little story and some nice acting.

I was approached because they needed "The Last March" tune and though the actual tune is royalty free to use a commercial copy would cost them a lot of money. After listening closely to a copy played on a bugle I was able to compose an almost identical rendition that helped with the film.




Elegy is a bigger budget short film that is about a man who is promoted to a new position that will lead him to greater riches but at what cost?

On this film we provided location sound recording and also composed several music pieces including the main piano piece which was based off Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

This little "meet the cast" trailer will showcase some of the locations used and the acting cast. rthis film is still being run through film circuits and should be available for upload by the end of 2014.



reactions thumb

Reactions is part of the 60 second short film initiative and tells the story of a man who comes home to discover somoene in his house. With a flat phone battery he decides to suprise the intruder but winds up with a supprise of his own. 

We were involved in this film for location recording, sound design, sound editing and music design. Basically all sound material was open season for us to play with and we pulled off a decent effort for a short project. 

Read more about it HERE

Click the image to go to the Facebook page for the film


Slow Take

slowtake thumb

Slow Take is another 60 second short film initiative project that was film for the same festival and at the same time just 2 weeks after Reactions. The same production company (CLU Productions) managed to score 2 films and of course we were asked to do location recording. 

Initially we were not asked to provide any sound design or editing but after Reactions sound design was done in just 2 days from receiving the draft and the results were exactly what they were looking for we were asked to help on Slow Take

We provided all atmos tracks, SFX design, mixing and leveling of all audio and helped to clean up the audio takes that were edited together from the director. 

Read more about it HERE

Click the image to go to the Facebook page for the film



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