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Having a house party and want a DJ but can't afford the cost? Happy to use your own stereo gear but need someone to run the music? Our online DJ service may be what you are after...

Would you like a DJ for your next party who can take song requests for your guests, give shoutouts and play the music you want to hear but can't afford us to come to you? Then consider our online DJ service. 

This service works by a dedicated private shoutcast service which you can tune into from your tablet, phone or computer. Just hook it up to your own stereo and we will live DJ songs for your event. 

You and your guests will be given a mobile number and facebook event page to post your song requests and shoutout messages which we will broadcast to your party. 

This service costs can be ordered "per hour" for short simple events or for an entire night from 4pm - 8am with a live DJ performing your personal party between the hours of 6pm - 12pm (or later if desired). Automated playlists with music of your own liking will be put together to cover the additional hours. 

This service will be launched and available soon with the ability to log onto our free party play shoutcast channel to check out the music. 




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