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Refunds & Obligations

You are entitled to a complete refund if we are unable to attend for whatever reason. While every effort is made to ensure we arrive early and are ready to go there may be times where factors outside our control prevent us being able to make it to a remote location. We will always advise and keep you informed as far ahead as possible if this may occur.

Additionally when supplying quotes for additional lighting and sound equipment this will be based on the availability from our suppliers. We request these well in advance and will be able to notify you if extra requests are not possible.

In cases where we have an issue with equipment or setup and we are unable to supply the complete package we have quoted (but can deliver part of the service such as a failed lighting or a faulty speaker) we will offer a part refund depending on the impact to your event.

The bottom line is we try and provide the best service we can and will obviously address any concerns you have as best we can.  

For all inquiries please use the Contact Form

Booking in Advance

We do request that customers book at least 2 - 4 weeks in advance wherever possible. The more time allowed means the more time we can prepare and ensure we are available. We will always be happy to assist where possible but keep in mind for larger events where we have to source additional equipment and pricing from our suppliers requires extra time.

Operator & Guest Safety

The safety of operators and guests is important to us and we take all safety concerns into account. When booking us for an event please be aware that we log the details of the host and location of the event with our support staff and security company. Our personnel carry emergency tracker pendants that can send an emergency page to our monitoring company which will dispatch police to the event location. The host of the event is responsible to ensure guests and staff are safe. If there is any concern about safety, unsocial behaviour, fights, theft or threatening behaviour that may affect our operators or equipment we may cancel the event and/or contact police. While this has never happened in the past we need to maintain a safe work place.

If our equipment is damaged due to guests misbehaviour it is understood by the event host who signed the agreement that they are responsible for the reimbursement for any damages. If any equipment is stolen during the event the police will be immediately called where we will show them the photographed evidence of all equipment that was supplied and the missing equipment. It will also be expected the host will cover any costs of stolen equipment.

For your own safety we are more than happy to show you our photographic identification and drivers license number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you properly licensed to play my event
A: Yes. We have both an ABN and PPCA performance license that enables us to play music only (not videos) in public. This license sends funds back to artists that are played during our events. 

Q: Can I have the events music recorded to CD?
A: While we can technically achieve this we are unable to supply recorded media to you as this violates copyright laws. We are happy to provide a list of songs played on the night though so you can rebuild the playlist yourself.

Q: I have a collection of my own music that you probably don't have, can you play these?
A: Yes. If you have music files (MP3/MP4/AAC/WAV/FLAC) we can play these easily using our system. We will check the quality of the files to ensure they sound good. If you have music CDs we can play these but prefer to convert these to MP3 for ease of play. iTunes and "DRM" protected music is not able to be played. Just be sure to let us know before your event starts.

Q: How long can we hire you for an event? 
A: We can be hired for as long as your event will go for but please note that we typically will place a cap on operating after 2am. There is an additional charge to operate after 11pm. Please also note that for long events we will be required to take occasional breaks where we will simply provide an auto-mix playlist for this time. By special arrangement we are able to deliver an "all night" event but this may require 2 operators at extra cost. 

Q: How do you deal with noise restrictions? 
A: We turn down the volume! Noise restrictions are enforced differently between councils and regional areas but a complaint about noise can be made at any time of the day. We will play as loud as you like (within reason) until police attend an event at which time if we are asked to turn down the music we will comply and if we are asked to shut down the system we must comply. We carry a sound level meter that can tell us and authorities the actual SPL of the event to which they can advise what the required level should be.

Q: Is it possible to see the setup before our event.
A: Absolutely. Just let us know you would like to see it in action before your event. We are located in Adelaide and we will give you the address of the demonstration upon request. We can also come to your location for a demonstration / rehearsal if required but this will incur a small fee for travel and setup. Please note that for any equipment we are required to hire in for your event we are unable to offer you demonstration but can source you images and examples of the options.

Q: Do you offer sub contract services for other companies
A: Yes. If you have a party supply business or need to add a capable DJ with their own gear simply contact us. We are happy to offer services to almost anyone for any type of event.

Q: Are you available to DJ in a Club?
A: Possibly. We are experienced at beat match DJing and turntablism styled performances but really like running our own shows. We are happy to look at pubs and clubs but this is not one of the avenues we pursue.

Q: I have a cheaper quoted price for a DJ, will you match it? 
A: We will certainly try. In order to match a price we need some details on what they will be offering compared to what we offer. Also we would like to know if they are at least PPCA licensed since that contributes to our costs to do the right thing. If you feel they can offer the same/better package at a much cheaper cost than we can match then go for it. 


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