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Speaker Upgrades

Standard Speaker Package
This is supplied as part of the hire cost
2 x 15" High-Powered PA Speakers
2 x 12" Subs

   vp1520  vp1520  Speakers 1


Full Speaker Package
This is supplied for larger events or where extra volume is needed. An additional charge applies to the full speaker setup.

2 x 15" High-Powered PA Speakers
2 x Dual 15" High-Powered PA Speakers


You are free to request the speakers that will match your event. We can also offer pricing on larger speaker systems for events such as school socials or larger outdoor events and in specialised cases we will enlist the assistance of professional audio technicians from BSS to help design the perfect system.

We can also offer "satellite"  speakers or a wireless audio link to your own stereo for multi-area venues such as large houses to allow the music to play in multiple locations. Wireless audio transmitter can transmit up to 100m.

Portable PA speakers are also available as an extra option for events such as weddings where you may need sound for the ceremony. We can supply both handheld microphones or lapel microphones for this.

Lighting Upgrades

Setup 3

Our lighting system is a head turner and it comes as a complete package but we can also source additional lights and effects if you have something in mind (mirror ball, dry ice machine, snow machine, twinkle lasers, accent/wall up lighting, custom laser shows etc.) We have several suppliers with decent options and can get costings on a complete package. 

Party Games

party games

We can provide party games for both young and old. Typical games and activities that are always popular:

  • Best dressed door prize
  • Dance/slow dance competitions
  • Freeze dance (dance until music stops and freeze)
  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical chairs
  • Nutbush / chicken dance
  • Limbo
  • Best Request
  • Best Karaoke

Depending on the event we will typically come prepared with some games and activities and may also include some basic prizes. Prizes we typically supply will be things such as LED torches, Small toys, bubble blowers, novelty cups, hats, lollies etc. We can supply any type of prizes for any group or the host can supply us with prizes to hand out.


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