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Location & Space Requirements

During the quoting and planning stage we will request some details such as the size of the venue, the amount of floor space available for our equipment to be setup and access to the venue. Please note if your event is held upstairs we may request an additional setup fee to cover the extra labour of getting equipment upstairs. Additionally if parking is limited or quote a distance from the venue we may have to enlist assistance to setup the equipment. 

Also note that if your event is held at a function centre or public area you must check with the owner if music is able to be played and what restrictions there may be. We are required to operate within the guidelines of any public venue owner.

The minimum space requirements for our setup:

Without lighting: 2m x 2m

With Lighting: 4m x 4m

We would like to suggest an extra 1/2m of space all round for clearance if possible.

For events that require Karaoke you will also need to provide some floor space preferable along side the DJ for microphone stands and a small video monitor. It is not recommended to have the microphones in front of the DJ as this may cause audio feedback.

If your event is being held outdoors and there is not suitable cover provided we bring a 3x3m shelter to cover our equipment and DJ from dew and frost. We do not operate our equipment outdoors in rain for safety reasons so if your event is being held outdoors you must ensure you have a backup for shelter if the forecast hints of rain. If you have a suitable shelter / professional grade tent or marquee then this will be fine. 

Power Requirements

Our music and lighting system has been designed with power efficiency in mind. Most of our lighting effects are energy efficient LED lights and our main power amps are high efficiency power amplifiers. We operate using power conditioners to prevent power spikes and fluctuations and protect our equipment and your venues power source.

We have load tested our music and lighting system to operate perfectly fine from a standard power outlet. If you can run a household heater from the power outlet then our system will run without issue. The total power consumption of our system is as follows:

- Standard Speaker System: 320W Max
- Full Speaker System: 490W Max
- Lighting System: 300W Max
- Smoke Machine: 1100W Max

Where possible we will try and run the smoke machine from a separate outlet just to be sure but we have run the system at close to full sound levels and have barely exceeded 1900w in total including the smoke machine.

We are also able to operate from generator power and can even supply generators, flood lighting and event power on request. 

Setup & Packup Time Allowance

All our equipment is pre-configured and loaded into racks and cases for easy and safe transportation. Typically we require about 1 hours to setup before a standard event and approx. 1.5 hours for a full setup with lighting and full speaker system. For weddings and larger events we may request access up to 3 hours before your event. We also need at least 1 hour to pack up which is typically quicker than setup. Please keep this in mind if your venue has time limits and also keep in mind that if we need to carry equipment a distance or upstairs this will incur an extra charge and will require additional time.   

We need access to the venue for a car with trailer to be able to load and unload the equipment. We may be accompanied by an assistant to help setup the equipment depending on the venue and depending on extra requirements we may arrive by small truck.

If you have details of the address or location such as photos or floor plans you can send us before hand this will help to ensure a quick setup. For outdoor events we can use Google Maps to check the size of the areas.

Setup/breakdown is covered in the booking cost and is not an additional charge unless the venu is updtairs or a distance from unloading which may require more time or an assistant. Please let us know when booking.

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