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We have an extensive and ever growing music library that has been built over 20 years from our CDs, Records and DJ pools. We offer a bit of everything right from the 1940s to today with much of the focus being on popular songs from the 60s to today. We have over 600 full albums and many compilation albums that are sure to have something to your tastes. Music is tagged with huge amounts of information allowing us to set a certain style for any part of your event and we have many popular genres such as rock, alternative, classic rock, pop, top 40, dance, electronic, dubstep, dance hall, singalong, slow dance etc. 

Mobile internet access allows us to download the latest releases upon request or try and source that special song. Requests are always encouraged as this helps us to determine the interests of the crowd and play the music you want to hear. 

We will typically prepare some "fall-back" playlists for an event based on the event type to ensure there is always a good mix of popular songs but of course will tailor this to the response of the crowd. 

If you have your own music or playlists you would like us to play that is no problem. We can play most formats from USB/CD/DVD and will check the quality of your provided music files before we play them. We also accept playlist requests or genre requests before your event so we can build playlists for you (pending available music). We will advise if we do not have or are unable to obtain the required music selection. 

Karaoke Selection

karaoke jim

Karaoke is a fun way to get your guests in the party mood. We have found that initially people may be a little reserved but once someone takes the stage it's on for the rest of the night.

We have available over 10,000 Karaoke tracks which are instrumental versions of the original song with lyrics displayed on a video screen. We publish a short list of about 1500 songs that we can email you and your guests before the night and printed copies are available on the night to browse. We can also access karaoke tracks online if we do not have what you are after.

Wireless microphones and a video monitor are supplied as part of the karaoke package and we can provide either a complete nights karaoke experience or a mixture of music and karaoke mixed professionally. We provide karaoke request cards and will announce guests to the mic.


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