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Freelance SoundLabs owns and operates the sound and lighting system used for our events. We source additional options from local suppliers as required, just let us know what you are after and the budget you have to work with. 

Full DJ Setup

IMG 5541 Copy

Pictured is our full DJ setup with upgraded speakers and full lighting system. This system was just upgraded in January 2017. The system operates using the latest Serato DJ software and high end Numark NS7III hardware controller.

Decks 2

Our music library is completely contained on the laptop and we have a spare laptop in the event the first one has problems. We also have the capability to DJ direct from the laptop, play music CDs or memory sticks or stream radio. In addition to our library we have connection to online music sources and even the ability to download songs on the fly from sources such as youtube. Requests are a big thing for us and we will try our best to play your favourite songs.

For a wedding or special event we offer an optional MC component which may be delivered by a dedicated MC (for weddings) but we always have microphones available in the case you need announcements for your event, we are happy to make announcements for your event on request or scheduled.

Sound System

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Our system is completely custom designed to deliver both great quality and powerful sound. We utilise powerful amplifiers and multi-band equalisers to tailor the sound to the environment and carry spare amplifiers just in case. We choose to use a component based system recommended by professional equipment suppliers because though it is not as convenient as self powered speakers and takes a little more setup, it is more flexible and better adapted to a wide range of environments. 

We aim to setup and do a sound check at the venue to ensure we get the best sound for your guests before they arrive. We utilise multi-band equalisers to tune the system to the environment to reduce echo, reverb and feedback of the system to ensure it sounds great.

Our speaker setups allow for quality results in a wide range of situations and the experience we have gained over 20 years will ensure your guests enjoy the music at your event.






Standard Speaker Setup

   vp1520  vp1520  Speakers 1

Our standard speaker package is perfect for smaller rooms, house parties and back yard events typically up to 50 people and consists of 2 x 15" Behringer VP1520 350w RMS speakers along with 2 x 12" 300w RMS Sledgehammer Bass Reflex Subs.

Full Speaker Setup


Our full speaker system consists of 2 x Dual 15" Speakers plus the 2 x VP1520 single 15" speakers for larger events. This setup is good for medium sized venues, halls, larger outside events. This system uses 6 x 15" long throw woofers to deliver large amounts of sound which results in large air pressure levels and vibrations. This setup is not suitable for smaller rooms or house parties as it could cause damage.

We also have the ability to transmit wirelessly to another sound system within 100m allowing a connection to a home stereo or second PA system in a venue so you can pipe music to multiple locations at once. We can also supply a smaller satellite sound system to play music in a different area of your event. Simply ask for a price for this feature when booking.

For larger outdoor festivals or large halls we recommend a professionally tailored speaker system which we hire professional sound suppliers to design.

Lighting & Effects System

Setup 3 lighting 1

lighting Setup 7

Our lighting and effects system is constantly being updated and changed as we source new fixtures and effects. Lighting is mounted on a compact truss system to keep the overall size of our setup small but makes good use of the available space. 

The system is fully computer controlled via DMX and synchronised to music with weeks of programming and testing invested in the lighting display. Lighting and effects are reliable brand name effects sourced from trusted suppliers and designed for reliable constant usage. 

When adding our lighting and effects package to your event you will receive the following as part of the standard lighting package:

cobra scan100 cobra scan100 solar 700front CR RAZOR TripleflexLED shocker90 shocker90

ADJ Revo4 ParLights ParLights ChauvetBeamer8 ChauvetBeamer8 Matrix22 Matrix22 SmokeMachine 

  • 2 x AVE 60w Cobra Moving Head Light Scanners
  • 1 x Solar Eclipse RGB Multi Colour High Powered Laser
  • 1 x CR Razor RGB LED Derby Effect 
  • 1 x Beamz Tripleflex LED Scanner
  • 2 x Chauvet DJ Shocker 90 Strobe
  • 2 x RGBY 80w PAR Flood Chaser Boxes
  • 1 x ADJ Revo4 Moonflower 
  • 2 x Chauvet DJ Beamer 8 Multifunction Lights
  • 2 x Beamz Matrix33 Moving Head Lights
  • 1 x 1500W Smoke Machine

Smoke machines use unscented water and glycol based fog which does not leave any residue or irritation and is safe for kids. We supply up to 2L of smoke juice for an event which should be plenty to enhance the lighting display but please note for outdoor events, large halls or evaporative air-conditioned rooms more smoke may be required.  Additional smoke is charged at $20 per 2L. 

Bubble machines are optional additions to the lighting setup and recommended hghly for childrens parties or social events where children will be attending. Bubble machines offer a very cool effect with or without lighting and are always very popular with kids and adults alike. Well suited for outdoor use but please keep in mind that bubbles can leave some residue which is easily cleaned but can make dancefloors slippery if overused.

Additional effects can be sourced for speciality events such as mirror balls, illuminated tables/chairs, dance floors, accent and up lighting for walls, rope lights, stage lights, snow machine, dry ice machine. These are sourced from suppliers for the event and need to be quoted separate. 

For large weddings and special events we may recommend an optional lighting technician that can control lighting in a very custom way matching lighting scenes not just with music, but with song type, chorus and breakdowns just as you would experience in a club. 

We can help recommend what you will need based on the event you are having. We always come prepared just in case.

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