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Setup 4My name is Jason Absolom and I am the owner of Freelance Soundlabs. I have lived in South Australia my whole life and started DJing my own parties and friends parties from the age of 12 with little more than a cassette player and home stereo. I have always been passionate about music and started to write and produce my own original music from 1996. 

Today I still operate a small production facility helping uni and film students with projects and am still just as interested in music as I was when I was a kid. I am also qualified in electronic engineering so love the technical aspect of music and lighting also which has helped me to design a setup that is impressive and beyond the expectations of clients. I am also qualified in computer engineering and programming which allows me to maintain a complete website and web presence. 

I rely on other talented partners who assist with services such as photography, video, catering, event design, accounting, acting, directing, art design. Basically I have a network of creative individuals that help eachother out on many projects and love what they do. 

Freelance Soundlabs is a registered business with ABN. We also hold a PPCA license for mobile DJ music performance which helps to pay the music artists royalties and is required to play recorded music in public. 

Until recently we operated purely on word of mouth but have started to promote and redesign our model to help answer many questions I get and also showcase what we can offer.


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