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ABN Number: 15496053947
PPCA License: 1023800

We are a professional small business based in Adelaide, South Australia able to play at your next function be it a birthday party, bucks/hens night, wedding, school dance or any event where you need the supply of music and visual effects. Our system is capable of both indoor and outdoor events up to 150 people.

Pricing includes travel up to 50 km from Adelaide CBD at no charge. Travel costs are charged beyond this up to 300km from Adelaide CBD and we will provide a quote to travel upon request.

When you book Freelance Soundlabs for an event you will get:

  • A qualified DJ and Music Producer with 20 years of experience
  • Licensed to perform both with ABN and PPCA public performing license
  • State-of-the-art programmed sound and lighting equipment
  • Large song library covering almost everything popular from the 50s to today
  • Pre-organised event playlists making sure the music never stops
  • Requests are welcomed and encouraged since we want you to enjoy your party
  • Speaker setups for small or large indoor and outdoor events
  • Optional Karaoke feature with 2 wireless mics, stands, video monitor with song lyrics
  • Optional prizes and competitions to get your guests dancing and having fun
  • Optional planning services to help design not just the music but the ambience of your event
  • Optional photo and video services to help capture your event

IMG (8)

Here is a demonstration of the lighting system in action:

We encourage you to browse through the information here to get an idea of our setup and what we can offer you for your next event. 

Inquiries: Contact Us

Visit our Facebook Page 

Submit an inquiry using our: eventplannerbutton

For more info on how we setup/program and test the system as well as events we have entertained at click Here


Our event pricing starts with the initial booking cost which covers travel (50km from Adelaide CBD) setup and the first 3 hours of music. There is then an hourly rate to keep the music playing and upgrades to add (such as lighting and larger speaker systems etc). 

For events such as Weddings or large dance halls we need to allow for extra expenses which we will work out with you in the quoting stage.

Because we want to play at your party, all you need to do is discuss with us your budget and we can work with you.


Initial Booking Cost - $195

The base booking covers the following

  • Travel to the event (50km from Adelaide CBD)
  • Setup and breakdown of the equipment
  • Standard speaker system
  • First hour of music 

Lighting and other effects are not included in the base cost. 


Hourly Rate - $50 (before 11pm) $65 (after 11pm)

We charge a simple hourly rate with the first hour covered by the booking cost and will typically operate up to 2am but can operate later than this if requested when booking. Please note that due to the time it takes to packup and travel time there may be an additional travel surcharge if required to operate past 12am due to the need for possible accomodation arrangements


Custom Events & Options

Every event is different so we like to be as flexible as possible. The listed prices give you a rough idea to get started. We can source almost anything for your event including dancefloors, furniture, specialised lighting,  arrange delivery, setup and collection of everything we supply.

For weddings and special events we are happy to meet with you, showcase our event proposal and showcase our equipment so you have piece of mind we will deliver what we promise. Customer satisfaction is important since we are a small locally owned business.


Upgrade Options

  • Speaker Upgrade to Full Speaker System (for larger venues to 150 people or outdoor events): $65
  • Add lighting and effects display (Lighting display and smoke machines): $75
  • Add Bubble Machine (inc 2L of bubble liquid) : $15
  • Add Karaoke (10,000 songs, 2 wireless mics, stands, monitor with timed lyrics): $50
  • Extra event hour (before 10pm): $50
  • Extra event hour (after 10pm): $65 
  • Extra smoke juice: $20 for 2L
  • Extra Bubble Liquid: $10 for 1L
  • MC Service for Weddings & Events: $40 - $150
  • Outdoor Shelter (required for outdoor events if held in the open): $35

Additional upgrades (such as extra larger speaker systems) will be quoted upon request when we have information about the size of the event. We own and operate the above options but can source anything else required for your night, just ask for some pricing. 

Please note that for any outdoor event we must be provided a sheltered location especially if rain may be forecast. We can supply our own shelter which will offer protection from wind, dew and slight rain but is not suitable for operating in the rain. 

Found a Better Price?

We will happily entertain similar quoted prices but need details of the quoted price. We operate with licensing costs and with professional grade equipment so will have some higher costs than smaller unlicensed operators. Send us details and we will see what we can do.


Payment & Cancellations

Once we have your event requirements we will put together a package and price for you. You are free to make as many requests and changes that you would like and once you are happy we simply ask you to sign off on the agreement and email/post it back to us. 

A 50% deposit is required to secure the event date. Once paid this ensures your event is fully booked and we then ask for either the balance to be finalised before the event date or upon arriving. Payments are accepted via EFT or Paypal payment (credit card via paypal) and payments finalised on the day of the event must be made in cash with the correct change given (we do not carry cash).

Cancellations after a booking must be requested no later than 2 weeks in advance to avoid a fee. A fee will be incurred for late cancellations and a forfeit of the deposit if cancelled within 5 days of the event.   

Additional costs may apply (such as the request for more smoke/bubble machine fluids) so please be prepared should this be an option for you. We do also welcome tips if we have provided you with a good night as our operating margins are quite slim to compete so any tips are greatly appreciated but not expected.


Payment Details

You are welcome to pay via either Electronic Transfer from your bank or Paypal payment. 

EFT Details:
Jason Absolom
Account: 1012 1764
BSB: 065-357


Paypal payments will incur an additional 2% charge to cover paypal fees. We will send you a payment link with the amount when required.

We require 20% payment before the event and the balance paid either via the above methods or in cash upon arrival before we setup.



Setup 4My name is Jason Absolom and I am the owner of Freelance Soundlabs. I have lived in South Australia my whole life and started DJing my own parties and friends parties from the age of 12 with little more than a cassette player and home stereo. I have always been passionate about music and started to write and produce my own original music from 1996. 

Today I still operate a small production facility helping uni and film students with projects and am still just as interested in music as I was when I was a kid. I am also qualified in electronic engineering so love the technical aspect of music and lighting also which has helped me to design a setup that is impressive and beyond the expectations of clients. I am also qualified in computer engineering and programming which allows me to maintain a complete website and web presence. 

I rely on other talented partners who assist with services such as photography, video, catering, event design, accounting, acting, directing, art design. Basically I have a network of creative individuals that help eachother out on many projects and love what they do. 

Freelance Soundlabs is a registered business with ABN. We also hold a PPCA license for mobile DJ music performance which helps to pay the music artists royalties and is required to play recorded music in public. 

Until recently we operated purely on word of mouth but have started to promote and redesign our model to help answer many questions I get and also showcase what we can offer.


Freelance SoundLabs owns and operates the sound and lighting system used for our events. We source additional options from local suppliers as required, just let us know what you are after and the budget you have to work with. 

Full DJ Setup

IMG 5541 Copy

Pictured is our full DJ setup with upgraded speakers and full lighting system. This system was just upgraded in January 2017. The system operates using the latest Serato DJ software and high end Numark NS7III hardware controller.

Decks 2

Our music library is completely contained on the laptop and we have a spare laptop in the event the first one has problems. We also have the capability to DJ direct from the laptop, play music CDs or memory sticks or stream radio. In addition to our library we have connection to online music sources and even the ability to download songs on the fly from sources such as youtube. Requests are a big thing for us and we will try our best to play your favourite songs.

For a wedding or special event we offer an optional MC component which may be delivered by a dedicated MC (for weddings) but we always have microphones available in the case you need announcements for your event, we are happy to make announcements for your event on request or scheduled.

Sound System

IMG 4062 2



Our system is completely custom designed to deliver both great quality and powerful sound. We utilise powerful amplifiers and multi-band equalisers to tailor the sound to the environment and carry spare amplifiers just in case. We choose to use a component based system recommended by professional equipment suppliers because though it is not as convenient as self powered speakers and takes a little more setup, it is more flexible and better adapted to a wide range of environments. 

We aim to setup and do a sound check at the venue to ensure we get the best sound for your guests before they arrive. We utilise multi-band equalisers to tune the system to the environment to reduce echo, reverb and feedback of the system to ensure it sounds great.

Our speaker setups allow for quality results in a wide range of situations and the experience we have gained over 20 years will ensure your guests enjoy the music at your event.






Standard Speaker Setup

   vp1520  vp1520  Speakers 1

Our standard speaker package is perfect for smaller rooms, house parties and back yard events typically up to 50 people and consists of 2 x 15" Behringer VP1520 350w RMS speakers along with 2 x 12" 300w RMS Sledgehammer Bass Reflex Subs.

Full Speaker Setup


Our full speaker system consists of 2 x Dual 15" Speakers plus the 2 x VP1520 single 15" speakers for larger events. This setup is good for medium sized venues, halls, larger outside events. This system uses 6 x 15" long throw woofers to deliver large amounts of sound which results in large air pressure levels and vibrations. This setup is not suitable for smaller rooms or house parties as it could cause damage.

We also have the ability to transmit wirelessly to another sound system within 100m allowing a connection to a home stereo or second PA system in a venue so you can pipe music to multiple locations at once. We can also supply a smaller satellite sound system to play music in a different area of your event. Simply ask for a price for this feature when booking.

For larger outdoor festivals or large halls we recommend a professionally tailored speaker system which we hire professional sound suppliers to design.

Lighting & Effects System

Setup 3 lighting 1

lighting Setup 7

Our lighting and effects system is constantly being updated and changed as we source new fixtures and effects. Lighting is mounted on a compact truss system to keep the overall size of our setup small but makes good use of the available space. 

The system is fully computer controlled via DMX and synchronised to music with weeks of programming and testing invested in the lighting display. Lighting and effects are reliable brand name effects sourced from trusted suppliers and designed for reliable constant usage. 

When adding our lighting and effects package to your event you will receive the following as part of the standard lighting package:

cobra scan100 cobra scan100 solar 700front CR RAZOR TripleflexLED shocker90 shocker90

ADJ Revo4 ParLights ParLights ChauvetBeamer8 ChauvetBeamer8 Matrix22 Matrix22 SmokeMachine 

  • 2 x AVE 60w Cobra Moving Head Light Scanners
  • 1 x Solar Eclipse RGB Multi Colour High Powered Laser
  • 1 x CR Razor RGB LED Derby Effect 
  • 1 x Beamz Tripleflex LED Scanner
  • 2 x Chauvet DJ Shocker 90 Strobe
  • 2 x RGBY 80w PAR Flood Chaser Boxes
  • 1 x ADJ Revo4 Moonflower 
  • 2 x Chauvet DJ Beamer 8 Multifunction Lights
  • 2 x Beamz Matrix33 Moving Head Lights
  • 1 x 1500W Smoke Machine

Smoke machines use unscented water and glycol based fog which does not leave any residue or irritation and is safe for kids. We supply up to 2L of smoke juice for an event which should be plenty to enhance the lighting display but please note for outdoor events, large halls or evaporative air-conditioned rooms more smoke may be required.  Additional smoke is charged at $20 per 2L. 

Bubble machines are optional additions to the lighting setup and recommended hghly for childrens parties or social events where children will be attending. Bubble machines offer a very cool effect with or without lighting and are always very popular with kids and adults alike. Well suited for outdoor use but please keep in mind that bubbles can leave some residue which is easily cleaned but can make dancefloors slippery if overused.

Additional effects can be sourced for speciality events such as mirror balls, illuminated tables/chairs, dance floors, accent and up lighting for walls, rope lights, stage lights, snow machine, dry ice machine. These are sourced from suppliers for the event and need to be quoted separate. 

For large weddings and special events we may recommend an optional lighting technician that can control lighting in a very custom way matching lighting scenes not just with music, but with song type, chorus and breakdowns just as you would experience in a club. 

We can help recommend what you will need based on the event you are having. We always come prepared just in case.

Music Selection


We have an extensive and ever growing music library that has been built over 20 years from our CDs, Records and DJ pools. We offer a bit of everything right from the 1940s to today with much of the focus being on popular songs from the 60s to today. We have over 600 full albums and many compilation albums that are sure to have something to your tastes. Music is tagged with huge amounts of information allowing us to set a certain style for any part of your event and we have many popular genres such as rock, alternative, classic rock, pop, top 40, dance, electronic, dubstep, dance hall, singalong, slow dance etc. 

Mobile internet access allows us to download the latest releases upon request or try and source that special song. Requests are always encouraged as this helps us to determine the interests of the crowd and play the music you want to hear. 

We will typically prepare some "fall-back" playlists for an event based on the event type to ensure there is always a good mix of popular songs but of course will tailor this to the response of the crowd. 

If you have your own music or playlists you would like us to play that is no problem. We can play most formats from USB/CD/DVD and will check the quality of your provided music files before we play them. We also accept playlist requests or genre requests before your event so we can build playlists for you (pending available music). We will advise if we do not have or are unable to obtain the required music selection. 

Karaoke Selection

karaoke jim

Karaoke is a fun way to get your guests in the party mood. We have found that initially people may be a little reserved but once someone takes the stage it's on for the rest of the night.

We have available over 10,000 Karaoke tracks which are instrumental versions of the original song with lyrics displayed on a video screen. We publish a short list of about 1500 songs that we can email you and your guests before the night and printed copies are available on the night to browse. We can also access karaoke tracks online if we do not have what you are after.

Wireless microphones and a video monitor are supplied as part of the karaoke package and we can provide either a complete nights karaoke experience or a mixture of music and karaoke mixed professionally. We provide karaoke request cards and will announce guests to the mic.


Event Planning

The bulk of our work is to offer music and entertainment and you may find that one of the base packages will suit your needs but if you have anything you would like to customise or other requirements simply inquire with us. We can source and supply a range of additional options and features such as:

  • Specialised lighting
  • Large sound systems
  • Themed props and decorations
  • Slushy machines
  • Dance floors
  • Marquees 
  • Chairs and tables
  • Portable spas
  • Ground coverings
  • Complete venue sourcing and planning

We can take care of all the booking and rental of any entertainment you need. Just set your budget and your needs and we will see what we can do.

Checkout the Event Planner to send an inquiry.

Location & Space Requirements

During the quoting and planning stage we will request some details such as the size of the venue, the amount of floor space available for our equipment to be setup and access to the venue. Please note if your event is held upstairs we may request an additional setup fee to cover the extra labour of getting equipment upstairs. Additionally if parking is limited or quote a distance from the venue we may have to enlist assistance to setup the equipment. 

Also note that if your event is held at a function centre or public area you must check with the owner if music is able to be played and what restrictions there may be. We are required to operate within the guidelines of any public venue owner.

The minimum space requirements for our setup:

Without lighting: 2m x 2m

With Lighting: 4m x 4m

We would like to suggest an extra 1/2m of space all round for clearance if possible.

For events that require Karaoke you will also need to provide some floor space preferable along side the DJ for microphone stands and a small video monitor. It is not recommended to have the microphones in front of the DJ as this may cause audio feedback.

If your event is being held outdoors and there is not suitable cover provided we bring a 3x3m shelter to cover our equipment and DJ from dew and frost. We do not operate our equipment outdoors in rain for safety reasons so if your event is being held outdoors you must ensure you have a backup for shelter if the forecast hints of rain. If you have a suitable shelter / professional grade tent or marquee then this will be fine. 

Power Requirements

Our music and lighting system has been designed with power efficiency in mind. Most of our lighting effects are energy efficient LED lights and our main power amps are high efficiency power amplifiers. We operate using power conditioners to prevent power spikes and fluctuations and protect our equipment and your venues power source.

We have load tested our music and lighting system to operate perfectly fine from a standard power outlet. If you can run a household heater from the power outlet then our system will run without issue. The total power consumption of our system is as follows:

- Standard Speaker System: 320W Max
- Full Speaker System: 490W Max
- Lighting System: 300W Max
- Smoke Machine: 1100W Max

Where possible we will try and run the smoke machine from a separate outlet just to be sure but we have run the system at close to full sound levels and have barely exceeded 1900w in total including the smoke machine.

We are also able to operate from generator power and can even supply generators, flood lighting and event power on request. 

Setup & Packup Time Allowance

All our equipment is pre-configured and loaded into racks and cases for easy and safe transportation. Typically we require about 1 hours to setup before a standard event and approx. 1.5 hours for a full setup with lighting and full speaker system. For weddings and larger events we may request access up to 3 hours before your event. We also need at least 1 hour to pack up which is typically quicker than setup. Please keep this in mind if your venue has time limits and also keep in mind that if we need to carry equipment a distance or upstairs this will incur an extra charge and will require additional time.   

We need access to the venue for a car with trailer to be able to load and unload the equipment. We may be accompanied by an assistant to help setup the equipment depending on the venue and depending on extra requirements we may arrive by small truck.

If you have details of the address or location such as photos or floor plans you can send us before hand this will help to ensure a quick setup. For outdoor events we can use Google Maps to check the size of the areas.

Setup/breakdown is covered in the booking cost and is not an additional charge unless the venu is updtairs or a distance from unloading which may require more time or an assistant. Please let us know when booking.

Speaker Upgrades

Standard Speaker Package
This is supplied as part of the hire cost
2 x 15" High-Powered PA Speakers
2 x 12" Subs

   vp1520  vp1520  Speakers 1


Full Speaker Package
This is supplied for larger events or where extra volume is needed. An additional charge applies to the full speaker setup.

2 x 15" High-Powered PA Speakers
2 x Dual 15" High-Powered PA Speakers


You are free to request the speakers that will match your event. We can also offer pricing on larger speaker systems for events such as school socials or larger outdoor events and in specialised cases we will enlist the assistance of professional audio technicians from BSS to help design the perfect system.

We can also offer "satellite"  speakers or a wireless audio link to your own stereo for multi-area venues such as large houses to allow the music to play in multiple locations. Wireless audio transmitter can transmit up to 100m.

Portable PA speakers are also available as an extra option for events such as weddings where you may need sound for the ceremony. We can supply both handheld microphones or lapel microphones for this.

Lighting Upgrades

Setup 3

Our lighting system is a head turner and it comes as a complete package but we can also source additional lights and effects if you have something in mind (mirror ball, dry ice machine, snow machine, twinkle lasers, accent/wall up lighting, custom laser shows etc.) We have several suppliers with decent options and can get costings on a complete package. 

Party Games

party games

We can provide party games for both young and old. Typical games and activities that are always popular:

  • Best dressed door prize
  • Dance/slow dance competitions
  • Freeze dance (dance until music stops and freeze)
  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical chairs
  • Nutbush / chicken dance
  • Limbo
  • Best Request
  • Best Karaoke

Depending on the event we will typically come prepared with some games and activities and may also include some basic prizes. Prizes we typically supply will be things such as LED torches, Small toys, bubble blowers, novelty cups, hats, lollies etc. We can supply any type of prizes for any group or the host can supply us with prizes to hand out.


Refunds & Obligations

You are entitled to a complete refund if we are unable to attend for whatever reason. While every effort is made to ensure we arrive early and are ready to go there may be times where factors outside our control prevent us being able to make it to a remote location. We will always advise and keep you informed as far ahead as possible if this may occur.

Additionally when supplying quotes for additional lighting and sound equipment this will be based on the availability from our suppliers. We request these well in advance and will be able to notify you if extra requests are not possible.

In cases where we have an issue with equipment or setup and we are unable to supply the complete package we have quoted (but can deliver part of the service such as a failed lighting or a faulty speaker) we will offer a part refund depending on the impact to your event.

The bottom line is we try and provide the best service we can and will obviously address any concerns you have as best we can.  

For all inquiries please use the Contact Form

Booking in Advance

We do request that customers book at least 2 - 4 weeks in advance wherever possible. The more time allowed means the more time we can prepare and ensure we are available. We will always be happy to assist where possible but keep in mind for larger events where we have to source additional equipment and pricing from our suppliers requires extra time.

Operator & Guest Safety

The safety of operators and guests is important to us and we take all safety concerns into account. When booking us for an event please be aware that we log the details of the host and location of the event with our support staff and security company. Our personnel carry emergency tracker pendants that can send an emergency page to our monitoring company which will dispatch police to the event location. The host of the event is responsible to ensure guests and staff are safe. If there is any concern about safety, unsocial behaviour, fights, theft or threatening behaviour that may affect our operators or equipment we may cancel the event and/or contact police. While this has never happened in the past we need to maintain a safe work place.

If our equipment is damaged due to guests misbehaviour it is understood by the event host who signed the agreement that they are responsible for the reimbursement for any damages. If any equipment is stolen during the event the police will be immediately called where we will show them the photographed evidence of all equipment that was supplied and the missing equipment. It will also be expected the host will cover any costs of stolen equipment.

For your own safety we are more than happy to show you our photographic identification and drivers license number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you properly licensed to play my event
A: Yes. We have both an ABN and PPCA performance license that enables us to play music only (not videos) in public. This license sends funds back to artists that are played during our events. 

Q: Can I have the events music recorded to CD?
A: While we can technically achieve this we are unable to supply recorded media to you as this violates copyright laws. We are happy to provide a list of songs played on the night though so you can rebuild the playlist yourself.

Q: I have a collection of my own music that you probably don't have, can you play these?
A: Yes. If you have music files (MP3/MP4/AAC/WAV/FLAC) we can play these easily using our system. We will check the quality of the files to ensure they sound good. If you have music CDs we can play these but prefer to convert these to MP3 for ease of play. iTunes and "DRM" protected music is not able to be played. Just be sure to let us know before your event starts.

Q: How long can we hire you for an event? 
A: We can be hired for as long as your event will go for but please note that we typically will place a cap on operating after 2am. There is an additional charge to operate after 11pm. Please also note that for long events we will be required to take occasional breaks where we will simply provide an auto-mix playlist for this time. By special arrangement we are able to deliver an "all night" event but this may require 2 operators at extra cost. 

Q: How do you deal with noise restrictions? 
A: We turn down the volume! Noise restrictions are enforced differently between councils and regional areas but a complaint about noise can be made at any time of the day. We will play as loud as you like (within reason) until police attend an event at which time if we are asked to turn down the music we will comply and if we are asked to shut down the system we must comply. We carry a sound level meter that can tell us and authorities the actual SPL of the event to which they can advise what the required level should be.

Q: Is it possible to see the setup before our event.
A: Absolutely. Just let us know you would like to see it in action before your event. We are located in Adelaide and we will give you the address of the demonstration upon request. We can also come to your location for a demonstration / rehearsal if required but this will incur a small fee for travel and setup. Please note that for any equipment we are required to hire in for your event we are unable to offer you demonstration but can source you images and examples of the options.

Q: Do you offer sub contract services for other companies
A: Yes. If you have a party supply business or need to add a capable DJ with their own gear simply contact us. We are happy to offer services to almost anyone for any type of event.

Q: Are you available to DJ in a Club?
A: Possibly. We are experienced at beat match DJing and turntablism styled performances but really like running our own shows. We are happy to look at pubs and clubs but this is not one of the avenues we pursue.

Q: I have a cheaper quoted price for a DJ, will you match it? 
A: We will certainly try. In order to match a price we need some details on what they will be offering compared to what we offer. Also we would like to know if they are at least PPCA licensed since that contributes to our costs to do the right thing. If you feel they can offer the same/better package at a much cheaper cost than we can match then go for it. 


For any further inquiries simply Contact Us

Or visit our Facebook Page 


Freelance Soundlabs Event Planner

If you are planning a party and would like a fast quote then feel free to complete this event planner. Simply answer the questions and we will get back to you with a price and can help you further plan your event. 






















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