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Welcome to the Air Music Technology DB-33 NKS Browser Library for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol / Maschine

So it's now well known that Live 10 will be released next year and I for one am excited. I already have a copy of the Beta and there are some great new features and improvements that add up to an overall better experience. There are still some things I would love to see but this is a great start to the new version and seems to be setting things up for some much better developments. 

I have made some updated changes to the cart system when purchasing NKS libraries based on feedback and testing as well as updated the downloads section of the website for your purchased downloads.

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This page lists all of your purchased downloads. Your downloads will automatically appear here after purchase for you to download at any time.

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We now have an exciting update to ALL NKS Preset Packs available from Freelance Soundlabs for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol/Maschine. All NKS packs have been overhauled and are now v2.1 and there are a lot of new features...

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These libraries have been updated to v2.1.1 (11 December 2017) and include some additional tag cleaning and new sound previews for some presets.
Freelance Soundlabs has been working with some users to convert a number of 3rd party librarys for Omnisphere to NKS for browsing via the Komplete Kontrol and Maschine software/hardware.

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This guide demonstrates how to use the Komplete Kontrol Smart Play features with ANY track in Live by using a "Master" track to control instrument tracks. Thile this guide uses Live it is also possible in many other DAWs using the same process.


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Version 2.1 has just been released and now contains the Sound Preview feature!
Welcome to the Lethal NKS Browser Pack for the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine software

This browser pack contains all Core presets plus all 12 expansions released up to July 2017 from Lethal Audio. 3376 presets can be browsed and loaded from the Komplete Kontrol browser and Maschine software. To use any expansion presets you must have the associated expansion for Lethal installed.

I was hired to provide a full nights music for an 18th birthday party (May 13 2017) which saw approximately 80 people attending so it was quite a good night and I was able to test out properly my newer Beamer 8 lights and some refined programming of the lighting setup.


As part of my DJ setup I have a smoke machine, bubble machines and light chaser unit that are not DMX or timer controlled. I wanted to add a timer to control the smoke and bubble machines and also DMX to control the light chaser automatically. I decided to design a complete solution that allowed timer, DMX, wireless and manual control of all these things


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