Omnisphere Preset Browser for Komplete Kontrol Featured

For users of the Komplete Kontrol keyboard and software it is now possible to browse all the Omnisphere presets within Komplete Kontrol. This is very exciting because it now integrates Omnisphere with Komplete Kontrol offering complete preset loading, tweaking and flipping directly from the keyboard. 




This follows on from my work with Push and there is a lot more to do. The same process will soon be done for Trilian before I set my sights on some other VSTs (Sylenth, Korg Legacy, Z3ta +2, Air Music...)

The preset pack was released on December 2nd 2015 as both a free and donor version. The Free version contains all presets browsable from Komplete Kontrol but only with 1 browsing tag level. The donor version has browsable tags for Sound with sub category Type, Genre, Mood, Omnisphere Library (including Omnisphere 1 / 2 / EDM / Atmosphere) and cross compatibility for the soon to be released Trilian library.

The initial release had just a couple of small issues fed back from users with the main issue being the presets all have the master volume set to +2dB which causes clipping with some of the louder sounds (just happens I found this out after exporting all 7500 presets) but luckily this was easily fixed via a batch file edit and now the master volume is reset in all presets back to the default 0dB level. The preset version will now be 1.2 to reflect this change so if you have dowmloaded v1.1 and find this to be an issue, please check your downloads for v2.2.

For more information about how the presets were created check Here

Get info on the preset pack including download Here


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