[Released] Trilian for Ableton Push

Its been a while but finally it's here. The Trilian Preset Pack for Ableton Push. For users that have already downloaded and used the Omnisphere Preset Pack for Push then this is pretty much the same thing for Trilian. 

This preset pack allows Ableton Push to browse all the Trilian instrument patches and control the sound directly from Ableton Push. 

Trilian appears to be the same interface as Omnisphere but with Bass instruments there is less that differs from one patch to the next so some of the advanced stuff is gone BUT the "main" interface in Trilian offers 12 macro controls that give instant quick access to the most important elements for a patch... and these change from patch to patch. These macro controls are all mapped within the patches and are available on Push

As with Omnisphere, I placed an EQ8 on the output which offers sound tweaking and spectrum graph.

I was able to reuse the script that created the Omnisphere presets so this made the whole job a lot quicker but I decided to do a complete studio PC upgrade and installing all software from scratch took quite a lot of time before I was able to get back into creating these presets. 

Please head into the Download section to get your copy. Again, these are FREE but please consider a donation if you find these useful. 


Last modified on Thursday, 03 December 2015 15:57

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