FreelanceSoundlabs Initial News


So here is our first news announcement article. Today we have completed a lot of the initial design checks and component tests on the site and are now ready to start progressing with the website. 

There is a LOT to do but much of the underlying framework has been completed (with the exception of the shopping component whcih we will start on next year). You will notice that as you visit from day to day new things will start to appear and change as we add and format things to fit. The site is online while we work so that it can be edited from the various locations that I am in and so it can start to be indexed by search engines. 

The site now has music players that will work on all devices and content will be added and updated as the months roll by. Once the main site is completed I will begin work on a number of new projects from SFX packs to music productions. I am also working on making everything nice and stremlined so it is simple to find the information you are after. Artwork is a slower process because I am not a graphics designer so it takes me a little longer to generate artwork but it is moving along. 

More news when I have some!

Last modified on Thursday, 03 December 2015 15:58

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