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Articles about projects i'm working on, hints and tips, repairs, gigs and whatever else I feel about writing about. A lot of this is so I can remember what I was doing at any given time. 

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Here you will find more about out mobile DJ rig, setup, maintenance, programming and testing. Check out the articles if you have an interest in how it all goes together and the time we put into making it all hum.  

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Just a few random updates from things I am doing, projects i'm working on and anything else I decide to write about.

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I was hired to provide a full nights music for an 18th birthday party (May 13 2017) which saw approximately 80 people attending so it was quite a good night and I was able to test out properly my newer Beamer 8 lights and some refined programming of the lighting setup.


Freelance soundlabs was hired to provide entertainment for a combined fancy dress Mascarade birthday party in August 2016.

I was hired to play a 30th party which was held outdoors at a sporting club. I knew the person through friends and the night was a casual affair but offered me a chance to test drive my new setup and see how well it could fill a large outdoor area. 

I started DJing when I was just 12 years old. While I loved the craft and enjoy making and playing music I placed my passion on hold for years to raise kids. Now i'm back and building the mobile DJ party system I always wanted when I was younger and it looks to be turning out better than I could have expected!

One of the components of the lighting setup is my trusty old PAR light chaser which I built from a kit back in 2002. It simply sequences 4 lights (80W PAR Flood Lights) either via an oscilator or via music. I have always loved this chaser because it's simple, rock solid and it fills a room with light. It was pretty much the single effect I could count on...

The updated lighting rig that we have been designing is now pretty much complete and undergoing programming. We initially spent a few weeks programming and testing the lights but have now decided to completely reprogram the lights to fit a number of different moods.

Testing The New DJ Setup

We have just started to rebuild our DJ service for the South Australian area and a friend of mine was having an outdoor party on a large property in the country so I decided to see if he would like me to test out the system. This was a perfect test as I needed to travel to the location and the party area was completely outdoors so sound wise it was a challenge.

Sound Mixes Completed!

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Last year I was involved in the location sound recording for 2 short films:


Slow Take

Both films were produced by a good mate Chris who runs CLU Productions and I had agreed to do the audio recording for both projects. I also agreed to do the sound mix for Reactions but was not initially asked to help with Slow Take as this was not directed by Chris...

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!!!
The new year is upon us (duh) and I have a lot of hopes for the months to come. 

2013 was a complete mix of good and bad. On the good side I saw friends marry, babies born, old aquantences reunite. I aquired some much desired toys (Ableton Push!) and finally got my website back up and started again. I also ended the year with a pay rise and much accolades for a hard years work. 

But the year was not without sadness and loss.


Film Shoot - Reactions

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Another short film I was involved in was "Reactions" produced again by CLU Productions. This film is a funny little film where a man arrives home to find someone in his house. He sneaks insight to gain the drop on the intruder and after a big struggle where he demolishes his kitchen he finds a bit of a "surprise".


Film Shoot - Slow Take

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Over the weekend we completed filming of a 60 second short film produced by CLU Productions called "Short Take".

This is a small short film being entered into a festival. One of 2 films being produced at the moment by CLU Productions that Freelance Soundlabs is involved in. 

The small films tagline: John’s disappearing lunch draws him towards a breaking point that reveals the true culprit.

The film is produced by Christian Uppill and stars Rowan Hopkins (both are good friends. Director was Phil Sandell and camera operator was Matt Overy.

I was there operating the boom mic and sound recording equipment (image) as well as gathering foley etc. The shoot took place over 2 days (Sat/Sun) and was filmed in my office which I offered up as the location after issues in the last few weeks with the initial location. 



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This is a TEST page that is currently being used to test some audio players!

Feel free to check them out. These will be used on the site for different features soon.

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