The Presonus Central Station Plus is a rack mountable monitoring management system designed to assist in routing audio from a mixer or DAW to multiple monitor speakers and headphones. 

Review: AKG K712 Pro Studio Monitor Headphones

The AKG K712 Pro headphones are semi-open reference headphones sitting in the middle to upper range of the K series monitor and reference headphones. These headphones improve on the sound from the K240/K701 while still following the same design and feature sets of previous headphones.

Review: Ableton Live Software

Ableton Live (or just Live as it's known) is a digital audio workstation where its initial focus was on performing Live. In recent years the software has expanded in capabilities to become both a full Live performance tool and studio production workstation and with the release of a dedicated Live controller (The Push) the lines between a computer software sequencer and a hardware instrument are ever more blurred...

Review: Presonus Firebox Audio Interface

The Presonus Firebox is a 6 in 8 out Firewire Audio Interface for MAC and PC capable of 96Khz sample rates. While it may be an older player in the audio interface market it has been a very reliable and great quality audio interface providing everything I have demanded of it.

Review: Zoom H4n Portable Audio Recorder

The ZOOM H4n is a portable audio recorder aimed at the armature professional market and is a great starting point when looking at portable audio recorders. Compared to the high end options like Tascam and Sound Devices it may look like just a kids toy and while it may not have some of the nice features of the bigger players, it does offer great quality recording at 1/20th of the cost. 


Review: AKG K240 Studio Monitor Headphones

The AKGK240 are a cost effective but high quality pair of semi-open monitor headphones. These were my first major purchase when I started out over 15 years ago replacing a cheap set of headphones I had been using for monitoring mixes. Being so young (just 19) at the time I was not really aware of how much of a difference a good pair of cans could make until I put these around my ears.

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