DJ Event: Outdoor 30th Birthday Party

I was hired to play a 30th party which was held outdoors at a sporting club. I knew the person through friends and the night was a casual affair but offered me a chance to test drive my new setup and see how well it could fill a large outdoor area. 

 IMG 3433

The location was a country town called Sevenhill in South Australia where the party host had hired use of the local sporting oval. The party was held around the clubroom area (in the distance of the image) with my DJ setup under the verandah and a fire and shelters setup outside. We setup at 3PM and were up and running by 4:30PM taking a little longer than planned due to also helping to setup shelters and tarps for cover. This was the first gig using the all new setup so I was excited to see how it would work and also a little nervous not knowing the limits of the system.

Setup went smooth and everything was powered up first time no problems. The lighting effects I had been working on all went according to plan but I did feel I needed more variety in the effects such as dropping some in and out much more but I was more than happy with how they worked.

IMG 3436 IMG 3438

Power was the other concern since I had no idea the actual power the system needed in total with everything full blast and the power from the canteen was only a single powerpoint which was also running 2 fridges. I had my power meter and that read only 400W with all lights and sound at full which was good (smoke machine needed another 1100w) 

There were a number of young kids at the start of the night and the bubble machine and smoke machine had the kids on the dancefloor most of the night. The crowd was not a real dance happy crowd, more stand around the bonfire kind of crowd but we managed to get them up for a few songs through the night and what we couldn't find for requests in our database we were able to locate easily online for them. 

IMG 3441

We were visited by the Police at about 2am which was expected but we simply turned down the music and kept partying. 

All in all the night was a great success and the system performed as good as I had hoped. We managed to get a lot of good photos from our photography partner (cheers CLU Productions) and will be updating our info pages and advertising fliers soon along with a small demo video to help sell the whole idea. 

For now it's back to fine tuning the lighting and sound system and focusing on the next few upgrades to the subs and tops. 



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