Happy New Year


Happy New Year!!!
The new year is upon us (duh) and I have a lot of hopes for the months to come. 

2013 was a complete mix of good and bad. On the good side I saw friends marry, babies born, old aquantences reunite. I aquired some much desired toys (Ableton Push!) and finally got my website back up and started again. I also ended the year with a pay rise and much accolades for a hard years work. 

But the year was not without sadness and loss.


I I had to pay my last respects to a high school friend "Griggy" who lost a battle with alcohol and drugs and unfortunately passed away. He was always remembered as a funny and "happy-go-lucky" kind of guy who was always at home with a drink in his hand. Many were concerned for his health and he was making efforts in rehab to kick his dependence on alcohol but took the wrong combination of prescribed medication with alcohol and his heart just stopped. He was just 31

My last surviving grand parent William "Bill" Absolom passed away quietly on Christmas Eve just as I was leaving work for the holidays. The timing was terrible but he was 92 and had a great innings. He will be forever remembered.

With a 3 week break from work, a huge Christmas party, my Daughters 5th birthday, Network Games Weekend and a lot of catching up with friends and family I am today on my very last day of holidays before I go back to work. It will be a struggle to get back into the swing but I look forward to investing a lot of time in the studio finishing creations and getting things ready for the next installment of this site which will be the content downloading. 

I have addressed a few small issues on the site. The music player should no longer play when typing in things and using Spacebar (which was set as the "play/pause" for the player - oops). There is still loads to do but it will get there. 

For those waiting on new Ableton Push VST Preset Packs I have started and am half way through Trilian which will be loaded up here soon. I have also completed Z3ta2+ which I just need to create the pages here. In addition to this I will be creating an info page which will have a downloadable auto-it script and guide on how to script almost any VST presets for Ableton in the hope users will help fill the gaps. 

My SFX catalogue of recorded sounds is around 1000 now and I need to start creating downloadable packs. I am in the process of finding out the best approach to this still.

Lastly I would like to wish my Mother and Father-in-law a safe voyage as they begin their long sailing adventure heading off from Australia to wherever the water takes them. 

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