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Another short film I was involved in was "Reactions" produced again by CLU Productions. This film is a funny little film where a man arrives home to find someone in his house. He sneaks insight to gain the drop on the intruder and after a big struggle where he demolishes his kitchen he finds a bit of a "surprise". For this film I was doing sound recording, design and mixing so I basically had full control over the audio department side which was great but I should have just followed my instincts better for what we "needed" for sound...

Filming took place over 2 days during the week and the first nights filming was just myself, Chris the director and Rowan the main actor. The external night shots were shot around the house of Rowans Dad and the internal shots were at Chris's house (though in the middle of the day).

The first night we decided not to record audio on the mic because there was no dialogue and we "didn't need it". Also there were only 3 of us, one acting, one filming and me left over to hold the light and sway the trees. We had sound from the camera but that is quite poor. I did, however, decide to get some recordings of my car (used in the opening shot) by strapping the mic to the outside of the car and driving up the driveway. I also recorded some sounds of the car door etc. I was doing the sound mix as well as the recording on this one and I discovered that we missed a lot of the little sounds from the first night but I managed to use a mix of the cameras audio and library sounds of mine to get the first half done.

The real challenge is ongoing at the moment and that is creating all the punch and struggle sounds of the kitchen scene where a big fight breaks out. We have audio from that day but it does not have enough impact so I will have to beef it up. Today I will be recording some more sounds for the mix in the hope to have it all done in just a couple of days. I have composed a good suspence and action music track and really boosted the low end of the film for full impact.

I will post the final product when CLU Productions gives it the all clear which will be after the film festival in Feb 2014

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