Film Shoot - Slow Take

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Over the weekend we completed filming of a 60 second short film produced by CLU Productions called "Short Take".

This is a small short film being entered into a festival. One of 2 films being produced at the moment by CLU Productions that Freelance Soundlabs is involved in. 

The small films tagline: John’s disappearing lunch draws him towards a breaking point that reveals the true culprit.

The film is produced by Christian Uppill and stars Rowan Hopkins (both are good friends. Director was Phil Sandell and camera operator was Matt Overy.

I was there operating the boom mic and sound recording equipment (image) as well as gathering foley etc. The shoot took place over 2 days (Sat/Sun) and was filmed in my office which I offered up as the location after issues in the last few weeks with the initial location. 


Though the film will only be 60 seconds there is a lot of work and effort that goes into even just the simplest film. The temperature inside was horrible because of the need to shut off the aircon while filming but the process, as always when working with a great bunch of people, was great fun. 

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Planning out the simple shots in the office was the key to the making of the film. A lot of effort went into the planning of every shot which along with the setup of the lighting for each scene consumed much of the actual time leaving the rest of us to talk and joke around. 






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Here we have Matt with the camera and Phil behind him. Chris is sitting at the desk which is where I am normally sitting on any work day. The sandwich Chris is holding is a prop sandwich and we had to make 50 of these things which was just bread and lettuce.







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The office fridge needed to be packed full with sandwiches and I believe there were 52 in all. I helped our sets runabout Aaron who was basically in charge of setting lights, preparing props and making fake sandwiches. 











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The shoot was a success and it was another great project to be involved in. The crew I was working with I had worked on several films before and they are a great bunch of people. The budget was quite small as it is with these independant films but everyone put in top efforts. The work is still ongoing with video and audio edits, foley design and media distribution all taking place. As I write this I am back at my desk finding weird notes stuck under the desk from the crew as a joke. 

Feel free to visit the film's Facebook page for more set photos and information about the film. Due for release in 2014 after the film submission.:

Slow Take Facebook Page


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